Friday, February 02, 2007

Watching & Waiting

Hello All,

It seems that getting back online will take a few more days than we thought after all. Our new phone/cable/internet provider, AT&T, tells us that while we might receive our internet equipment by today, we will not be able to use it until next Wednesday! Very strange indeed! I asked the nice service lady over the phone, "So, I might have it in my possession, but I cannot use it!?" She said, "That's correct sir." Alrighty, just for those who have emailed, please know that we will respond when we can, but getting to the various coffee shops is a bit of a stretch, especially with only one car! Thanks for your patience.

As we are forced to wait through things, at first, we are all immediately resistant. We want to get moving, get connected, get life happening again. But it's these moments of forced waiting that revive our visions and fuel our passions for the Lord. Our delay in waiting for anything is a microcosm of what we are going to do in ministry. We wait to see what the Lord would unveil. At times, it's frustrating, but at the end of the day, doing anything for God's Kingdom is not a decision that anyone should rush into. As Christians, we need more prayer and contemplation. Then, and only then do we need more decisive action. I am thankful to have to wait and to watch, so that I might see all that the Lord is doing. When the time is right, I know that He will move upon us in a way that will compel us to move spiritually.

It reminds me of Abraham's servant in the book of Genesis. One verse really encapsulates what I am experiencing right now. He had set a "fleece" before the Lord. "The woman who offers me a drink and then offers to draw water for my camels will be the woman for Isaac." To draw water for a stranger and 10 camels was an ambitious unheard of offer! Rebekah comes out and makes the outrageous offer. If I were Abraham's servant, I would have said before she did anything, "Alright, you are the one! Let's go!" However, he was much more wise.

"And the man, wondering at her, remained silent so as to know whether the Lord had made his journey prosperous or not." Genesis 24:21

He wanted to see whether she would complete her promise. And only time would tell that tale. That is what we are doing: God, let us remain silent to see whether you have made our journey prosperous or not! We pray that you would continue to join us in that regard. Time will tell.

In the meantime, if you see me in a coffee shop in your area, you'll know why!

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez


Jenn said...

I saw a sticker on the back of a car yesterday that said "jerez" and I thought of you I had to come here to your blog to get caught up. What an adventure you have been having! Well now that you're back in the IE I hope to bump into you somewhere!
Jenn from Red Barn

Frank & Lela Sanchez said...


Thanks for checking in on us. The adventure is just beginning!


Patty said...

So ATT can't flip the switch until Wednesday? Could they see it from where they were sitting when they were talking to you on the phone? Will they let you go down there and flip it? Email us once your switch has been flipped.

You too individual people that are collectively together.

Frank & Lela Sanchez said...


I think that they only have one guy flipping all those switches...flip,flip,flip,flip,flip,OUCH!...

I feel their pain!