Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hello All,

I wanted to begin to share with each of you my final thoughts about what it is that we learned while on the mission field. I ask that you might consider it as our final re-entry debrief and a natural seque into what will eventually be the subject matter of this site. Of the various lessons that I want to share about, the first of which involves the actual missionaries that we have met. Every story is different as to how the Lord worked in the hearts of the missionary to motivate them to go and every background is just as diverse. Each personality is completely unique, as is the actual work that that missionary or group of missionaries is engaged in.

The one thing that really unifies these people is a sense of purpose and destiny. An unusual focus that is born out of a significant work in their hearts that drives them to do what it is they do. You can see it in their eyes when they talk about their people, their land, their homes. It's a love and soon you can see, a dream that they are living, to serve the King of Kings, to represent Him to whatever nation they have come to embrace.

These people are there in various lands, most of them sustained by the offerings of a church or members of a church. Many people assume that missionaries are full time employees of a church somewhere. This is rarely the case. Most have raised their support over years, or live on what support comes in month by month. There are very few missionaries that I have run into that have a retirement plan or even a healthy savings account should anything happen to them.

But they serve with vigor and without consciousness of what might happen. Many serve in dangerous places, where the gospel is forbidden. Some serve where the gospel is tolerated, but not favored. Some, as we did, serve through translation and a local church plant. Some are all alone.

I share all of these things, not to emotionally produce sympathy. This would not be what the missionaries I know would want. I do however wish to raise the awareness of what a missionary does and how essential it is for us who cannot join them physically, to join them in our hearts and in every way that can bring joy and comfort to them.

Many of you who have checked in here have demonstrated a great love to us, your missionaries. As we transition from being full time missionaries to full time workers back here in the states, it will only be natural that a void will have been created. You have participated with missionaries. I urge you to continue. Our missionaries in Spain, and indeed wherever you have personal contact, continue to need our love and support. These people have laid down their ambitions, their agendas and have given themselves over to the Lord, to be spent by Him!

For our part, we continue to think about our friends in Jerez De La Frontera, Carlos, Yolanda, Yolee and Miqueas Casco. Their website is here. We also have friends who are in Australia, Jason and Kris Bauerenfiend. Their website is here. There are many others that we are in contact with, who have asked not to be included on the internet for various reasons, but whose work has not gone unappreciated.

These people carry the gospel to foreign lands. I pray, that we as their family in Christ, would continue to hold them up in prayer, support them with what we can give joyfully, and keep in touch with them. In this way, we can join and help them continue the work that the Lord has given them to do.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Jenn said...

Wow...I don't really have words to say how much the church needs to hear this!

Frank & Lela Sanchez said...


Thanks for the encouraging words. I pray that this series of entries will provoke response.

Thanks again.