Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Spanish Bar

Hello All,

One of our favorite weekly activities is to visit one of 4 local bars. Of course, here in Spain, a bar is a local eatery, more like a diner than a pub. It is the local hangout for just about every segment of Spanish society. They are very loud places, as Spaniards are inclined to proclaim their opinions loudly!

The bar that we are showing you is the Bar Moy. It is a very busy place every time we go there. Mr. and Mrs. Moy act as Barista and short order cook. Many mornings, it can take quite a while to even get our order processed. It is however, always worth the wait, as they do an incredible job every time.

I want to dedicate this beautiful picture to one of the legendary coffee lovers, whose infectious love has indeed infected me deeply. He is Pastor Jim Scheer and Jim, this one was awesome!!! A Cafe Con Leche is one of the greatest draws to any cafe in Jerez. No matter where you go, the coffee is perfect. I haven't had a bad coffee yet! And for just 1 euro, you can't lose!
Here is the "bar" view. Behind the bar there are three very busy people, taking food orders and making Coffee non-stop. Mostly people at the bar are exchanging some valuable piece of advice or information with the busy workers. Also, you will notice the two machines in the far left of the picture. Those are coin operated Vegas style gambling machines. They are in virtually every bar in Jerez. It's rare, like in this picture, to see any empty. On the day this picture was taken, the owner was pulling out the revenue and there were a grip of Euros everywhere.

My son Caleb with his bar staple: Tostada con mantequilla.
Also known as "buttered toast!" He also likes to take the last drink of Mom's cafe con leche! We won't have any problem getting him to drink coffee later in life.

Our order is either a "serranito" or a "michtelobo." A serranito is a pork filet with jamon serrano, between two bread slices. A michtelobo is basically a glorified egg McMuffin, but it's fantastic!

Usually, Caleb and Elizabeth are the willing companions. Renae is usually in school when we go in the morning.

Just another little portrait into what we enjoy about Jerez. The people in these bars are mostly always friendly and it's fun to be a fly on the wall and watch their expressions and their conversations. While rarely understandable, it's always a lively scene.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez


Patty said...

Loud conversation huh? Frankie, I know you fit right in. I miss your laugh.

Frank & Lela Sanchez said...


The beauty is that I can talk as loud as I want about anything and these people will have no idea! It's the ideal situation!

And did I mention how good that coffee is?