Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!

Hello All,

Wednesday was Elizabeth's 2nd birthday. We had been very busy with
preparations for her party on Thursday, and I neglected to let you all know! My bad. As usual, any of the kids require a few things to have a good birthday. There must be lots of people, food, pinatas and cake. Oh, and presents are nice to receive as well!

The birthday party was a blast, as we had all the usual suspects, but had additional guests from out of town. Three students have come to stay here for a week en route to London. Lisa, Mikala and David were wonderful additions to Lizzy's b-day celebration and hey, the more people singing "Cumpleanos Feliz" the better! Here are some pics from the celebration.
The birthday person can never expect to enjoy their presents alone. They will always have the willing help of the other two siblings!

This years favorite gifts...well, all of them! But she really loved her purse and her backpack! Pastor Carlos is probably thinking that she might be ready to go on a Morocco trip. And you know, so long as he takes all three, we're good with it! We'll furnish the backpacks!

Ok, so we don't have a T.V. to entertain the troops! Andre was good enough to bring his cell phone, complete with pictures from his recent trip to Germany's Bible College Extension Campus. Andre is planning on going to Brazil come the end of the year in order to attend the Bible College Extension Campus in Brazil. Andre is an awesome worship leader and a young man with a great heart for revival and evangelism. We are glad to have him here.
Finally, the cake! Spain's postres are amazing! Virtually every cake can be described as "Muy rico!" This cake did not last very long and Lizzy had more than her share for sure!

Happy birthday Lizzy! You are the only Sanchez kid who has had both of her birthdays in Spain! You are a true Spanish baby!

Oh, and to our Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles: The Official Video of the festivities will be in your email boxes come Sunday, Lord willing!

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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Patty said...

Happy Birthday Lizzy! I can't believe you're only 2. I can't remember when you weren't around. You're such a cutie!