Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Night Outreach

Hello All,

In my last post, I mentioned that we have some visitors among us. They are staying with the Casco family and are on their way to London. One of them is a professional skateboarder from Grand Rapids, Michigan named David Voetberg. David is part of a skateboarding ministry named "King Of Kings." He is an 18 year old with quite an impressive resume and arsenal of tricks. Last year, he participated in a tour that was lead by Christian actor Stephen Baldwin and has had the opportunity to be involved in many tour stops around the United States. Tonight's impromptu outreach may have been his first foray into International Skateboard Outreach.

The outreach was held in a recently completed courtyard in the center of town. It is called "Plaza Arenal and it's a beautiful part of the city. In the plaza, they have put up a Faux Ice Skating rink for the winter holidays. When we first saw it, we were really excited, only to discover that the "ice" was just white plastic! But everyone seems to be quite taken by it, as the rink is filled with people.

So this was the perfect place for a Friday evening. Pastor Carlos and David set out a few props for jumping, and off we went. As the rest of us walked up, you could see David jumping up in the air, and quite a crowd was assembled around him. After performing a few jumps over inanimate objects, he began to take some human volunteers. The first to volunteer was Andre (that brave Bible College Soul!), then Andre's friend M'Shell. Before you knew it, there were 5 people on the ground and David was jumping over all of them.

At about the time when we had the most amount of people, David took to the microphone and began to share the gospel with Carlos translating. He did a great job, despite the sound difficulties and the Spaniards all listened very attentively. It was really the perfect spot, as there was a large group of people seated at some outdoor tables, as captive an audience as possible.

While nobody came to the Lord that we are presently aware of, it was wonderful to be out and speaking the name of Jesus Christ to the people. I got to witness to a man named Fernando, who had a milkshake that he was continually refreshing with a bottle of wine from his coat pocket. I knew he was drunk, but I was so glad for the opportunity to share the gospel with him. When I realized that he was actively rejecting what I was saying, Andre took over and talked with him for another few minutes. (I will explore some of the things that I have been thinking about evangelism in the next post. This night got me really fired up!)
About this time, the "Policia Local" came over and shut us down "for safety reasons." We were able to stay a few more minutes playing some Christian music, but soon after, two new officers came and asked us to shut that down.

All in all, the entire thing lasted about 45 minutes and it was a joy to be involved. Please pray that the people who were there would sense a conviction from the Spirit of God and that the seed that was planted would bring fruit.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez


Jeff Schaefer said...

Hey guys! The outreach looked awesome, 'breakin the law' in Christ's name, amazing. Well I hope all is well with you guys. Diane will be flying over you guys on Tuesday, she is going to Italy with Adrienne for almost two weeks to go traveling and sight seeing. Everything is the same pretty much. Talk to you guys later. Blessings! Jeff

Frank & Lela Sanchez said...


Man thanks for checking in with us and taking the time to comment! Why Italy? That place has nothing on Spain! Not that I know, but that's what any good Spaniard would tell you!


Jeff Schaefer said...

I'm pretty sure they are going to nominate your brother for the next pope position. I personally would come to see you guys, but I guess they want to go see a bunch of old paintings and stuff. ***In other news*** Richie lead worship last night, the webcast is up, and Justin Fox played an amazing set, so check it out when you get a chance.

Frank & Lela Sanchez said...


We love the webcast! It's really great to get to go to Church and the irony is that on Sunday, when we wake up from our naps, we barely make it in time for the 8 AM live webcast! So, the coffee is brewing when Pastor Ed is praying. I did not know that you were involved in the production of the webast, but thank you for doing it. It's really a blessing to us.