Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hello All,

I don't think I would give a penny for these thoughts, but they are mine nonetheless!

• This last Saturday was somewhat overwhelming. I was on Saddleback Church's campus for the first time to witness the baptism of our neighbors and friends, Marc and Sierra. That church's facility is one to write home about. Very impressive. More amazing was the opportunity to witness a culmination of what God has been doing in Marc and Sierra's lives! It was fun! By the way, Marc and Sierra, I will have video for you some day soon...

• Sunday was miraculous! Worship was amazing, the message was great and I preached at a funeral where 15 people gave their lives to the Lord! Miracle!

• I have been drumming in the worship band with Brook James, who picks really great songs for drummers. I have had more compliments playing with him than with any other leader I have played with! Brook, keep up the good song selection!

• My daughter Renae read me a solid page of her new book last night. I almost cried! Thankfully, being a Vulcan kept that from happening, but I did get emotional and told her how proud I was of her.

• We have now moved on to the Parables of Jesus in our Bible time before bed. I moved into the part where Jesus is describing the good ground and cross referenced where James says that a person who does not do the word is like a man that looks at his face and can't recall what he looks like. The kids busted a gut over that concept! I just hope that they won't be guilty of it.

This interview was very thought provoking.

This debate is worth watching if you have ever debated the existence of God with someone. Plus it's fun to watch Deepak Chopra get all hot under the collar!

• God is "the logos." The word, as I understand it, means "the logic" or "the order." Without God, there is chaos and confusion, because their is no logical or order. Never was this more clear than when you try to listen to Deepak and the Bishops rendering of what is good and evil.

• Week 3 and I have now made myself 9 Vanilla frappuchinnos from our new $40.00 espresso machine. According to our calculations, by 10 months time, we will have saved $300.00. And I actually like the ones I'm making more than what we used to buy!

• A quote that I have been trying to perfect regarding contentment: "I want what I have so that when I get what I have, I will have what I want!" Profound or ridiculous?

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


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Mm classically, Jesus is the Logos, or the Word of God. In traditional thought, the word is the idea incarnate. Thus, Jesus is the incarnate thought of the Father. I love John 1 ;)

Jeff and Aimee said...

Profound or ridiculous? Neither. Simply clever.