Monday, March 09, 2009


Hello All,

A few thoughts/observations/rants that can no longer be held within:

- If you have 50 items in your shopping cart and the person behind you has one, please let them go in front of you! That is just the right thing to do...every time!

- Lela and I went for a spin on the 91 freeway the other night. Our car careened out of control just before the 3+ lane. It's not quite a "great memory" yet, but it was pretty amazing. It happened...oh, I'll just write about that some other time.

- Kingsfield Church did an amazing Couples' breakfast on Saturday at a very exclusive golf course in Orange County. Here is the scene: My 97 Corolla, parked next to a Jag, a BMW, a Porsche and a Lexus. These are the times when I am glad to be immune to people's opinions!

- Back to that Golf Course, it did make me want to someday have a home on the course, with an English butler name "Gibley."

- Daylight Saving time continues to be a thorn in my side. Why can't we change our clocks on Friday night? Saturday night is such a bummer for those of us in "Professional" ministry! Can someone with ambition and a belief that politics can really change things, get a petition going!

- On my iPod recently: Christian Heavy Metal dating back to my pre-teen, pre-mullet days! I don't know what's gotten into me!

- That music kept me interested in all things Christian back in those days. There was a time when all I listened to was Stryper, Saint and Messiah Prophet Band. Some of those bands made indelible marks upon me and their ministry was very important, though they are long forgotten today. I wonder if they know how appreciated they were...maybe I should write them a letter...

- The memories from those days swept powerfully through my mind to what church was like back in those days. We worshipped from Praise books, the band comprised of a piano player, and three singers. The songs were simple, literally sometimes only a chorus. When I sit with my guitar in my living room, I tend to play those songs the most.

- Still not on Facebook!? C'mon already!

- Evening light brings great joy to the Sanchez Family. It feels like we have been cooped up for a decade.

- Thirteen people follow this blog! We love you guys and are thankful that you check in on us!

- "Why don't you blog more often?" A combo of the following items: Dense schedule, boring life, and stories that I can't tell yet. Maybe someday that will all resolve.

- Can you believe it: I'm already looking out for Summer vacation dates! We would love to go to Washington D.C. to visit our friends there. However, with the economy, both nationally and "familially," we'll be lucky to visit Washington STREET in Colton! Yes, it looks more like a STAYcation this year...

Well, that's all for now. Time to hit the hay!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Simone Knepper said...

i say they abolish daylight saving altogether!

Frank And Lela said...

I'll raise my tall white mocha to that!

Carrie said...

"there was a time when I listened to Stryper..."

Umm... I am pretty sure that horrendous sound was coming out of your office last week...

Frank And Lela said...

As a matter o' fact, I WAS listening to Stryper last week!! Good ears Carrie...or do I need to turn that down!?

The U-Man said...

Hey, there is no shame in listening to Stryper! Their early music still stands the test of time (20 years +). It was melodic, skillful, encouraging, and pioneering (You're welcome, Christian music industry).

But Messiah Prophet? REALLY!?!? I used to have respect for your musical taste and integrity until I read those words. Granted, I still own a copy of Messiah Prophet on vinyl to this day. But my reasons for keeping it around are purely for the album art. In fact, as a pre-teen myself, that was the precise reason I bought it. But when I actually listened to it--even back then--I was more amused than anything else. (But I did dig that drummer's bow tie!)

Now Saint, you can maybe get away with... but not based on production value.

Btw, if you ever want to write that letter I'd be happy to deliver it for you, because I have now had the pleasure of taking guitar lessons from Oz Fox since January. (I've been faking it for 20 years and now I'm finally learning how to play!)

Actually, Stryper's new album, Murder by Pride, comes out some time in June, unfortunately in the wake of the passing of Michael Sweet's wife last week.

Anyway, if you're listening to the music, why not check out the website?

Also, since you're on the topic of Christian metal, what about Deliverance, Sacred Warrior and Tourniquet?

Frank And Lela said...


I'm with you on the production value difference. I was not very discerning back in those days. That being said, I was exposed to MPB and Saint before I had seen Stryper. They were my only options for a while.

As for the other bands you mentioned, I really did like Sacred Warrior. I might also mention Barren Cross, Rez Band, White Cross, Bloodgood, Believer, Sacrament and The Crucified, the latter three being more in the vein of punk metal. One band at the end of that era was also Rage Of Angels, which was a great band as well.

Dude you are taking lessons with OZ FOX!? How cool is that!?