Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Great Kids

Hello All,

I just wanted to take one blog entry and salute my wonderful kids. They bring me incredible joy, especially as they get older. They are now 7, 5 and 4 respectively. I thought that I would put up some pictures where they are not completely laughing out of control and give you a brief update about their lives currently.

Renae, The Thoughtful. Ms. Curious. Ms. No-Question-Left-Behind. This last week, Renae, a bright 7 year old, asked me about the economy, politics and the necessity of employment. Renae is the master planner/manipulator. If she wants to eat somewhere, she will find a way to make it an idea you thought of, even though she is the one who thought of it for you. She's good...She's very good! I'm pretty sure that she will one day be the Dictator of a small but powerful country.

Renae is doing awesome in school, reading like a champion and keeping ground on her math skills, which had not been as strong earlier in the year.

Caleb, The Sensitive. He is perhaps the most polite boy that there is in the world. He loves his sisters and always helps them build forts and caves by hanging blankets from the bunk bed. He is quick to smile and easy to make laugh. When he laughs he cannot stop himself.

Caleb is getting ready for school in the fall. Lela is spending a good deal of time working with the Bwudda.

Elizabeth, The Entertainer. Lizzy does naturally what the other two wish they had the capacity to do. Lizzy makes us all laugh with her one liners and witty repartee. Add to that, that she cannot make the distinction between the "r" and "w" sound, which makes her sound super cute!

That being said, she is a bit too fascinated with potty humor, which tends to be her "ace in the hole" when it comes to getting the other kids to laugh. I always fear that she might be trying to release some inner sailor with that humor, but for the most part it's pretty innocent. Lizzy loves to
learn, enjoys reading and is always super affectionate with Dad, who loves to "Wock her" in his chair.

These are our pride and joy. The looks on their faces are not the norm, but I loved the contrast
between their faces and their amazingly distinct personalities. Call it my little artistic diversion on a late Sunday night.

Call them my favorite subjects!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Cowen Family said...

You know, Renee(sorry for the spelling if I did not get it right) sounds like she would make a great saleswoman. I know a great salesman that would love to talk to her about being the company's youngest rep. She would probably do the best in the OC:) JK. I just kept thinking Mike, Mike, Mike when I read about her.
Children: they TRULY are a blessing and such an amazing gift!

Simone Knepper said...

Loved the dictator comment.

Carrie said...

awww, i think your kids are awfully great too!

Melz said...

how cute, you stinker.

Jeff and Aimee said...

A picture of Lizzie not smiling? I hardly recognized her!

Anonymous said...

This is a fun post! Love the pictures, and the Sanchez kid's are VERY good looking! (that part comes from Lela, right Frank?!)
Love the description you made for each Treasure!
Still missing you guys and still hoping we could "hang out" with you for more then 4 hours!
Love you guys mucho!
In His time,

Frank And Lela said...

Hello All,

Thanks for your comments. Hannah, if Mike wants to train Renae, then come and get her! :) In these uncertain economic times, we could use all the help we could get!