Monday, November 24, 2008

You Pick My New Facebook Profile Pic


This may be the most trivial post I have ever posted, but I do not care! You are my friends and you should have a say in the "what picture should Frank use for his new facebook profile picture" sweepstakes. Sure, you have more important things to do. So do I! But the world will not stop if you take a moment to vote. However, when the pic shows up in facebook, if you are a friend of mine, remember that if you are dissatisfied, you have only yourself to blame!

You may vote your conscience in the comments section. I will vote for my favorite, so if nobody comments, then I will have won by default and you may not want that. Here you go:

Frank, The Serious Cyclops
Frank, The Happy Borg!Frank, The Whale Whisperer!
My vote, along with my reasoning will be in the comments section. Incidently, if my wife had a facebook (She does not...) I would choose one of these two pics:

Lela, The Pseudo Scared Adventurer

Lela, Such A Babe She Makes Whales Swoon!
Alright, enough levity! Now: VOTE!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Frank And Lela said...

My Vote: Frank, The Whale Whisperer. I have only had one other pic with just me in it...suffice it to say, that did not go well!

So: Frank The Whale Whisper, 1 vote!

<3 Megan said...

The Whale Whisperer, although I am a fan of the current pic because of lizzys face...

PDizzle17 said...

The Whale Whisperer. Frank, to say you were a silly man would be an understatement, but you are indeed a great brother.

PDizzle17 said...

Oh, and this is Patrick Moore.

Lenna said...

i would have to say the less we see of your face the better so my vote is for Frank the cyclops ( oh by the way i crinkled my nose whilest i wrote this)

Lenna said...


Jeff said...

Although your choice is quite amusing, I'm wondering how it will actually look on Facebook. Isn't the photo about the size of a postage stamp? Will the lack of pixelation leave everyone wondering what it's a picture of? I vote for the smiling cyborg one.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated, belated birthday Frank! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration!
Here is one more HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to prolong the celebration (because we know you love it!!!)
The International Votes:
The Whale Whisperer 2 points
(You have to read that with the Euro Vision accent and 2 points meaning 2 votes)
God bless you big brother in Christ!
Greetings to Lela! If she had a facebook profile our votes would be
Lela, Such A Babe She Makes Whales Swoon! - 2 points
Love you both!
Yolee and Miqueas
P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!! Because we have an AWESOME GOD!!!

Carrie said...

My vote:

Frank - picture #1
Lela - picture #2

and I am serious.