Monday, November 03, 2008

The Night Before An Election

Hello All,

There is nothing left to say for the two candidates. Tonight, like the rest of the United States, they will sleep and wonder if their road continues or if it comes to an end. One man will emerge victorious, another man will face defeat. In the middle of it all, God sits on His throne, unmoved, unchanged, unchallenged. He calls to both men and calls them to surrender themselves to His will. Prayerfully, both will respond to His kindness and love.

Tomorrow, responsible, godly Christians will go to their voting places and put their convictions on the ballot. Christians on both sides of the aisle (Yes, you can be a Christian if you belong to THAT party and vote for THAT guy!) will be moved to represent what they believe God has led them to vote. Ballot initiatives and the people on the corners of virtually every street in your town have done their best to sway you. The rubber meets the road tomorrow when you vote your belief.

Tomorrow night, perhaps late into the evening, we will know what God already knows. We will hear of one candidate who will have a new address come January 09'. It might be hard to believe, and difficult to comprehend, but that man, whoever he will be, has been appointed by our God to rule! Our posture will be to pray for that man, as he will face incredible challenges that none of us could ever imagine.

May God give Him wisdom; May He give us mercy!

In the meantime, we wait, we pray and we rest in the God who can never change and whose rule and ultimate plan is never thwarted, whose will will always come to pass!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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Anonymous said...

Well said. But I must admit, I look forward to the millenium.
Can't we just have Jesus ruling in righteousness? that would be sweet.