Saturday, November 01, 2008

BLAST! The Day After

Hello All,

"Kingsfield Church knows what it means to have a Blast!" That's the cheesy line that I came up with in my head, that I imagined would make a great radio commercial, complete with heavy metal music in the background. Yeah, I know: I didn't miss my calling!

Yesterday was our version of a Halloween alternative party, which culminated in a fun free for all Friday evening. The staff has been planning this celebration for some time now, lead by the incredible Administrative tour de force, Carrie Allen, who masterfully put together one amazing night of fun. (For a look into some of the "before" activity, check out this post on Carr ie's blog.) Everything came off brilliantly, as she arranged and ordered up some incredibly fun equipment. Kudos Carrie. You did an amazing job!

And kudos belong to the staff and the Kingsfield volunteer force as well, who executed the vision! The Amazing Maze, constructed by Jono Knepper, again employing more cardboard than has ever been assembled in one place, has become a thing of legendary proportions. Chris Reinhardt, the ma
ster of crisis management, again triumphed over the problems of the unseen and unplanned for! Simone Knepper and yours truly, in separate vehicles of course, ventured out in all directions, purchasing last minute items from all corners of South County, braving the traffic, purchasing fish (Simone) and living with the dangers of packing a van to the limit with food for a projected 600 people (Frank)! Brenda Paternostro, with her calm and godly demeanor, quietly and effectively came alongside and made sure that important things were not left undone or uncovered. ("That candy in the sun can't be good!")

As for the volunteer force, well, they were just awesome. From blowing up a gazillion balloons to setting up tables and centerpieces, painting pumpkins to building booths, to cleaning up late into the evening, they performed with distinction
. I would name all that I can remember here, but I'm afraid I would leave someone out and I don't wish to offend. You know who you are: Thank you so much! We could not have done it without your awesome assistance!

Of course, today, every part of my old body is in pain! A 16 hour day, mostly on my feet, caused the skin to completely erode from my feet. The bones in my feet are now touching the floor! It's brutal! My back, my neck, my hands all scream to me: YOU ARE SO OLD!!!

And so I am! But as you can see from the pictures of my kids, they had a BLAST! Of course, they represent the bulk of the hundreds that were there. So long as that happened, it was worth every minute yesterday and every ache today!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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