Monday, July 07, 2008

Still A Dull Hum (Vacation Report Pt. 2)

Hello All,

This blog entry sadly signals the end of the Sanchez Family Vacation 08'. I admit that I am still not firing on all cylinders, as I am pretty relaxed and thankfully, thoughtless. As I return to work though, I am going to have to get my hats on real quick, as there is a ton coming my way right away! For now though, I am blissfully at rest.

Our second week of vacation saw us at Sea World. We have Sea World family passes, which have been a great blessing to have. This particular visit included my parents and my sister who joined us for the day. It also included our first exposure to the new "Bay Of Play" which the kids thoroughly enjoyed for almost 3 hours over the course of that day. In those three hours, I must have ridden this ride 6 times! It was the Sea World version of the tea cups at Disneyland, only a faster version. The final unique aspect of this visit was that we stayed a record 9 hours at Sea World! I was shocked that our family was able to sustain for such a prolonged period of time without a single nap! I kept waiting for Lizzy to melt down, but she kept going stronger and stronger.

The next day, we drove up to Redlands in the late afternoon, to hang at the always hospitable Finfrock house. We decided to spend the night so we would not have to fight the ridiculous traffic that would inevitably flow on July 4th. We came up and enjoyed dinner with Mom and Dad and a surprisingly cool July evening in the I.E. The next day, we welcomed Lela's sister's
family, the Marquardts, and the kids got to hang out with cousin Adam and Isaiah. Chris and Corrie are great people to hang with, and enjoy a steak with! We ate to our hearts content and then went to the celebration at Ted Runner stadium.
As usual, the place was packed, with something like 12,000 people inside the stadium and a
whole horde of people outside. And also as usual, the flyovers and the parachutists, were early highlights to the evening. However, that's when things got a little funny.

After the Redlands 4th of July band played, it
was time to bring out some other musical guests for the evening. This spot had been reserved in the past for a 50's band that always performed, each and every year. I admit that I was glad that they had the year off, but that feeling was short-lived, as the announcer had us welcome to the stage "a man who has been imitating Rod Stewart for 20 years." Can anyone else see immediately what is wrong with that last sentence? Anyway, "Rod" got up and did a few numbers and let me say that I think I could have done a better impersonation!
Oh, but wait: There's more! After "Rod" was finished...and he might have been finished 19 years ago if the people in my section had anything to do with it...a second guest came out: Cher or a women who from 300 feet away resembled Cher. Of course, how does one imitate Cher, other than to wear a full body fishnet suit, ala the "If I Could Turn Back Time" video. Again, I might say that I could have done just as good an impersonation, except for the full body fishnet suit, at which point, I might say she had me beat! Please, for your sake: Don't Visualize!

Then, for the final insult. The announcer, still able to show his face, probably counting on a large
amount of alcohol consumption, said quite proudly, "Elvis has not left the building!" Sure enough, here comes on a golf cart, the "King." To be honest, this guy was pretty entertaining! I am not a fan of Elvis, but I liked this guy! He made me laugh and that was important at that time.

Of course, the fireworks were great and I enjoyed watching them, but the real fun was watching the kids watch the fireworks. To see their expressions of awe was the best fun for me. I got some video and perhaps I will find some time and get that out for you to see as well.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Carrie Marie said...

One day there will be Frank Sanchez impersonators... one day...

Frank & Lela said...

I'll drink to that! Actually, if there is money in it, I'll impersonate myself!

(maritza) said...

Your brother seriously cracks me up. I just remember him cracking a stupid joke about Locke at Winter Camp. I said I got lost or something and he was like, "Did you see Locke there?" Haha, but you are awesome too, P.F.

Frank & Lela said...

Mike...a stupid joke?...Yeah, it might happen!

Anonymous said...

I submit that Isy Nieves can impersonate the great Frank least his contagious laugh! We watched that fireworks show from a house on the south end of the U of Redlands. It was pretty fun!