Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Call To Pray For The Laurie Family

Hello All,

Most of you are aware that Pastor Greg Laurie's oldest son Christopher passed away last Thursday in an automobile accident in South County. He was on his way into work (he worked at Harvest and was responsible for the graphic design for this years Harvest Crusade promotional campaign) and passed away near a very heavily congested area of the 91 freeway. Sadly, he leaves behind a young wife, a young 2 year old daughter and a child on the way. Last Sunday, Pastor Greg addressed his congregation, which was shared on YouTube. The message, which was not a message, was very touching and I thought that I might post it here, both to demonstrate the victory of faith, and the power of God's redemption of such a tragic loss. This will encourage you, and give you another reason to hug and kiss your children, even if they are older!

Pastor Greg has had a tremendous impact upon my life personally, as he led altar calls that I responded to years ago (mid-80's) at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. I went down the aisle several times over several weeks, just to be sure that I was saved! Pastor Greg is truly an annointed evangelist. In addition, he is my parents' Pastor, so I know members of his church family who are grieving along with him.

While I do not know Pastor Greg personally, my heart broke for he and his family last Thursday when I was told, shortly after returning from lunch that his son had passed away. Our family grieves in our spirit and offer our most sincere condolences.

The private funeral is scheduled for Friday (tomorrow) morning. I ask that we pray for the entire Laurie family, and that the Lord would comfort and minister to them in the coming days and weeks, especially as Pastor Greg prepares for the Harvest Crusades, an event that he and his son Christopher worked together on.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


April said...

thanks for posting this, frank. was really good to watch it. blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted....

Frank Morgan said...

truly heartbreaking news. i watched the clip and it amazes me how he can get up and speak. the Lord is so amazing.

Carrie Marie said...

you should watch the one from the sad. Brittany (Christopher's wife) looks just devastated...poor thing...we must continue to pray for her. :(