Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dinner With Wyley

From the creative mind of my good friend and musical partner of many years. I'll just say that I am pretty sure that I inspired this video. Maybe you can see why as the video progresses.

Blessings...To Our Friends...Who USE MACS!,
Frank Sanchez


mhcowen said...

My childhood Pomeranian "Foxy" did that little "wave" with her paws too! I LOVE the video played backwards...maybe my sleep deprived mind thought it was a little too funny!H

Carrie Marie said...

I had no idea you would be able to even MAKE a movie on a PC...since they are so "BC"...

Patty said...

HA, in your face!

I mean that in the most loving spirit. =D

Frank & Lela said...

Cowen Fam,

Watching this video backward may cause some ill effects. I would not advise it.


Even when I was living B.C., I did not stoop to using a P.C.


"I mean" was all you had to say!