Friday, July 25, 2008

Renae Has Something To Show You

Hello All,

Some of you may be aware that Renae has had a lingering condition for quite some time: "Looses Toothes!" Yesterday, the blessed event occurred, as that pesky front tooth finally loosened, with significant help from Renae. Actually, I may have Alex Nogy, one of the best babysitters in America, to thank, as I seem to recall that she might have encouraged some special loosening movements that inspired Renae.

Of course, who needs inspiration when you still believe in the tooth fairy. As most of you are aware, the tooth fairy does not exist (sorry to disappoint you Mike and Rich!), but to Renae, the knowledge of a little profit from the tooth fairy brings great excitement. At this point, I want to say that I remember getting significantly less for my teeth and being very content. I know, I know: Inflation, bad economy, cost of living. But $1!? I'm sorry, but for that kind of cash, I might just start doing some sparring with Kimbo Slice!

Anyway, I am (please don't tell Renae...or my brother Mike or Richard!) the proverbial tooth fairy and because I was so tired yesterday evening when I got home, I forgot to put the dollar under Renae's pillow, after I had encouraged her to put her tooth under the pillow! I realized this after I got out of the shower this morning and realized that I was going to have to stealthily put the renumeration under her pillow. Unfortunately, it was now morning and it was bright.

I came in as quietly as I could and was able to fulfill my mission. In typical Hollywood fashion, I had the moment of terror when Renae sighed and moved when I got close to her bed, but thankfully "Frank The Cat" was able to get the job done.

Now, here is the great unveil:

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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Jeff and Aimee: said...

Congrats, Renae. Try whistling; it might work really well now.