Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Love Taking Pictures

Hello All,

I love taking a camera along on a walk with our kids and taking pictures. I really want to be better at it. I have a Canon Elph, so it's not the greatest camera, in that it's not really expensive. Is the key to taking great pictures in the camera that you have or Is a great picture about the moment that you are capturing or the way the light looks in the background? Anyone have any suggestions? Please feel free to comment.

Here are some that I liked from the other day.

Of course, the best thing about pictures is the reminder of how much fun that evening was, just to walk and watch the kids laugh and joke. They virtually laughed the entire way up to that secluded spot near our house. A good part of the way, the kids were singing "Bare Necessities" and falling all over themselves. The last part of the trip was filled with the fascinating subject of snails and "rollie-pollies" for the girls! Caleb was much more interested in some ants.

It was a great night and I'm glad that I'll have these pictures to remember it!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Jeff and Aimee: said...

You two have such cute kids. They take great pictures, too. A lot of kids look unnatural in photos because they paste on those "I'm smiling for a picture now" smiles, but your kids smile quite naturally.

Frank & Lela said...

Thanks Aimee!

Actually, it's not as natural as you might think. I am feverishly taking pictures, while Lela is singing something about shaking their booties! There is a dance involved, but I admit: I'm too focused on the actual picture taking!

Thanks for checking in!

Loved the latest poem by the way. It gave me new respect for sickness!


Jeff and Aimee: said...

Thanks! I didn't think the word "respect" could even remotely be associated with that poem. :)