Friday, May 09, 2008

Goodbye Old Hard Drive!

Hello All,

Just a quick update to say that our computer's hard drive has finally been retired. I won't say that it died permanently, as it probably could have been resusitated, but the fact is that it's near death experiences kept coming at a very rapid rate. It was time to say "goodbyte"...sorry for the computer pun!
Now, for you Mac v. PC adversarial types: This is not a "chalk one up for our side!" As I understand it, Mac v. PC refers to operating systems or platforms, the OS versus Vista. I am a Mac loyalist to death. What happened in my Apple Computer casing was a hard drive failure, which was a TOSHIBA hard drive. So, if anything, the TOSHIBA failed, not the Mac! Just wanted to be clear before the vitriol began.

Of course, that being said, that Toshiba was a WORK HORSE! It has lived for 5 years, 3 of which were brutal conditions, traversing the globe several times over. You probably do not know the story, but my brother Rich gave us this computer three years ago at Christmas time. He had two purposes: He was being forced to work on P.C.'s at his church and they had just given him one. Second, we were going overseas and he wanted us to be able to keep in touch! We were not going to take our computer because it was a large desktop that was not going to fit in anyone's carry on luggage, and Lela was not into leaving one kid so that the computer equipment could get a seat! So, that Christmas, he surprised us and the journey began.

And what a journey! Going back and forth between the states and Spain, between 220 voltage and 110. In Spain, it was left on almost 24 hours a day, collecting podcasts and music downloads. This is not really advisable, I found out later, but the performance was stellar! Of course, it finally gave in to it's computer mortality.

Tuesday, I took the computer into the Tech Room on my lunch hour. They took my new hard drive, my computer shell and my external hard drive, which has also been acting poorly for the last several weeks. I should get it back sometime this weekend, running the beautiful Tiger OS!

When we get back up, there should be some pictures of Caleb's 5th birthday party, which happens Saturday night.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Frank Morgan said...

what a trooper. i gotta say.

Carrie Marie said...

Sorry to hear about your computer, but as you know, all good things must come to an end.
Actually, that phrase doesn't even work if you are a Christian...huh...

Anyway, Sanchez fam! I miss you guys! I gave you guys a shoutout in my ministry fair post...that's how I miss you guys! :)

Carrie Marie said...

"that's how MUCH I miss you guys" is what I was trying to say...