Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back Up And Running

Hello All,

Getting things back in order has proven to be a bit of a challenge, but our digital life has been restored to some semblance of normalcy. One word to my friends in the blogosphere: BACK EVERYTHING UP! A few weeks ago, I believed that I held a pretty strong position with a functioning internal hard drive, an external drive and an iPod classic. Then the internal went south, the external stopped showing up anywhere and my iPod inexplicably kicked the bucket after a short 7 month existence! Suddenly, all of it went up in smoke, or so I was led to believe. Thanks to the mercy of the Lord, through the good work of the Tech Room, all was recovered.

It's funny how dependent I have become on these little technologies that I knew nothing of just a few short years ago, and did not exist a few years prior to that! It was not all that long ago that I was repeatedly asking a very patient April Folkertsma how to turn on the application that let me write a letter! April and my other office mate, Attila virtually taught me every day in that little office at the top of the stairs in the Packinghouse! Seeing how tied I am to it now, I wonder if they did me a favor or a disservice!

So, a few thoughts to close this first blog out:

• Hosting an Inductive Bible Study, trying to do a family photo shoot and prepare a birthday/Mother's day celebration on the same day is not advised. "I know that now!"

• Caleb loved his birthday party. I probably won't tell him that he's not truly five years old yet, nor will I take the soda and gum that he has learned to enjoy as a right of passage.

• Gum and soda: Rewards for turning 5. What will we do at 10? 15? I don't see that going well!

• CALLING ALL MEN: STEAK AND STUDY IS THIS THURSDAY! All men are welcome; Women dressed as men will be escorted off of the premises! Men dressed as women though...yeah, don't think about it!

• 5AM thinking: "Man, I wonder if that corvette knows that a 97 Corolla is keeping up with him...Wait, I'm keeping up with a CORVETTE!...How fast AM I going!?...WHOA..."

• Anyone watch American Gladiators? I used to go to church with one of last night's contestants! She pretty much looks like she would be able to destroy me now, so in that way, nothing has changed!

• I sure miss Jerez De La Frontera. Someday...

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Carrie Marie said...

Everyone: Warning - Frank will give you a hard time about even being ON the premises during steak and study if you are a woman.
Stay far, far away...

Frank & Lela said...


This year, you may not be allowed on Tesla! :)


Carrie Marie said...

Well, that's okay. I did think of you all tonight, as I ate enchilada's at a co-ed get together, and watched tivo'd episodes of "Gladiators"...I basically felt like I was at S&S.

Frank Morgan said...

bummer i missed the steak and study. so it was last night? i had to close at the S-BUX. darn it. im bummed that i couldn't go cause then i could have rubbed it in carrie's face, but just the thought that i was ABLE to attend, when she was not, is enough for me.
you can eat all the enchiladas you want carrie, but that doesn't take the place of a good, hearty Kingsfield steak.

Frank & Lela said...


How true...

Now, just allow me to wax philosophically here: Is it worse to be able and not or to not be able and not? Hmmmm...

Carrie, I'm a mexican! I'm over enchiladas!


Frank Morgan said...

i would have to say there are perks to both scenarios.

on one hand, you know you are able to go, but try as you might, something is forbidding you. but there is still that glimmer of hope that if not for the thing prohibiting you, you may have gone.

but on the other hand, you see there is no hope. you are not invited, and even more, discouraged to attend. but this discouragement frees one up from the mental burden of the thing you are not to attend and allows for perhaps another plan to fulfill your life. in carrie's case, enchiladas and gladiators.

but alas, in the case of many people in today's society, we like to feel welcomed. even if we are not able to attend, the thought of being missed is one to be appreciated. so i would probably side with the first of my two arguments.

Carrie Marie said...

oh no Frankster, you didn't have these enchilada's.... they were pretty amazing...

and Frankie boy, don't worry...I will live not being able to go to S & will have to suffer that you cannot attend the women's annual Christimas dinner.


Frank & Lela said...

...Or the women's Salad And Study that you have been elected to head up when you come on staff!!

Frank Morgan said...

haha. im sure they were great carrie. BUT, in my personal opinion, amazing enchiladas fall to the power of incredible steak. but i am only stating an opinion, that is all. and yes, i won't lie, the annual women's dinner, or "Salad & Study" as Mr. Sanchez states, does sound like it will have great food. and perhaps in place of my hurt emotions over not being able to go, I too will indulge in another type of mexican food. you know what, Frank and I will go make some fajitas. (Frank, being mexican, you better know how to make fajitas) and we can watch some christmas movies too. so THERE!

Frank & Lela said...

I'll bring the Fajitas and the greatest Christmas movie of all time: Jingle All The Way!

Frank Morgan said...

wow! yes. i can't deny. good choice of movie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank and Lela,

My comment does not involve steak, salads, enchiladas or studies.....I just wanted to say Jerez misses you guys too!

In His time,

Frank & Lela said...

Thanks Yolee!! I was wondering if you saw that.


The Jackson Family said...

Hi Frank and Lela,

After living in Spain, steak and inductive Bible study sound like a heavenly combination!

We head out in 2 weeks. To what, we don't yet know.

Soon to be missing it, too,
the Jacksons