Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Powers That Be

Hello All,

The other night Lela and I had the privilege of dining with a wonderful family that we love dearly. We laughed and joked around, shared and got the chance to learn. At the end of the evening, we learned just how real spiritual warfare had touched the lives of this family. And it got me to thinking: How many times have I sounded the alarm on so many other issues, and yet, when was the last time I had reminded our family, friends and faithful supporters, about the reality of spiritual warfare?

It seems like one would not need the remedial teachings of spiritual warfare, but even as I sat and listened, I thought within myself that I had not given much thought to it's reality lately.

Sometimes it's Satan; Sometimes it's us. Sometimes it's the enemy when we have not done our part in trusting God and fully obeying His declared Word to us. Let me explain:

- When a wicked thought comes out of nowhere, with no explanation to it's source. It just might be the enemy.

- When we look out and lust or covet over something, that is most likely our flesh.

- When we find ourselves in great fear or in dark confusion, the enemy has likely gained a foothold where we have failed to trust the Lord fully to act obediently.

One good example of this is found in the book of 2nd Corinthians. Paul has asked the Corinthians to deal with a situation. At first, the church is tolerant of the man who is in public open sin. Then Paul says that this should not be the case, but that they should kick him out for the destruction of his flesh. The church does it. The man, now sensing his utter spiritual destitution, repents. However, the church in Corinth refuses to allow him to re-enter their fellowship. Paul corrects them, and tells them to be both corrective and restorative. And if they did not?

"(lest) Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices." 2 Corinthians 2:11

The English phrase "take advantage" comes fro Greek word to "cheat someone out of what is rightfully theirs." The idea is that in not doing what they knew to do, restoring to fellowship a repentant brother, they themselves were allowing the enemy to have a foothold from which to attack the church and that believer. The enemy wants to rob us, the church of seeing the Lord's grace in action. At the same time, he wants to defeat the spirit of any brother who has fallen from grace, leading ultimately to despair.

How often has the enemy gained ground in our lives when we have blatantly disregarded God's plain Word? How often has the enemy stolen from us when we refused to believe God's Word, through our Pastors or teachers?

I say all this 1) to remind you that like Peter, Satan desires to "sift you as wheat" and 2) that the mission field and those that would desire to enter into it, are precariously close to Satanic territory.

Please, take a few minutes to pray for our Spanish missionaries, Lela and I included, especially for spiritual covering and defense from the enemies attacks. He loves to use the weapon of doubt or the dagger of fear. Pray against these very potent spiritual attacks in our lives. The enemy wants to rob from our joy and pillage our peace! Pray. Don't think for a second that our weapon of prayer is not an excellent match for the enemy's schemes.

But also take a moment, and ask the Lord to reveal areas to you where you have given the enemy ground from which to launch attacks into your heart. Are there commands that have been avoided? Words from the Lord that have been ignored? Don't give the enemy of our souls one inch of space.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing, and the insights you gave for the warfare that is going on. We are being attacked and as a "good lil christian" we put on the smily face, God Bless you attiude, But inside we are hurting So-o-o much. We will be praying for you, your Family and your ministrie.