Sunday, September 10, 2006

PackingHouse & The Red Barn

Hello All-

It's been quite a busy weekend for me as I got a chance to play drums this weekend at the PackingHouse with Pastor Ed's worship team for the Saturday night and Sunday morning services. Before I left for Spain, I played drums for Pastor's team, so it was a comfortable fit for me. It is always a privilege to play for the Lord, especially when I get to play the drums! That and the excellent encouragement I received from the members of the team and especially from Pastor's wife Rae Lynn, who provided a set of insightful comments regarding our current situation. Thank you Trent for letting me sit in on your "gig." :)

Then, Sunday night, tonight as I write this, Lela and I had the privilege of leading worship for the evening study at the Red Barn, Calvary Chapel of San Bernardino. On top of that blessing, Pastor John Miller's message was right on with regard to our situation. His text was Mark 5 and he relayed that Jesus is the Lord of Delays and that his timing is perfect! Then, after the service, Pastor John's Father and his wife came up to us and showed us their Bible, which had their prayer list in it. Inside were our names. It really touched us to see that they had thought to pray for us every day, even though we had never met them! Thank you Pastor John, Pastor Lee and all the staff at the Barn for such a warm welcome and opportunity to serve.

Two final "thank you" notes are in order to my brother, who loaned me his capo and to my long time bandmate Vicky Napier, for the loan of her Taylor guitar! Thanks you guys!

As you can probably tell, this weekend was a real good time for me to be on the receiving end of the blessing of fellowship. I guess I really needed it, because I really sensed the Lord caring for us through the generous souls that he placed around us this weekend. It was just something in everyone's voice and eyes that really gave me the strength I needed. Thank you to all that might apply to. You know who you are.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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