Thursday, September 14, 2006

C.C. Creekside

Hello All,

I say this sincerely to those who have either happened by, or those who might be frequent visitors: I pray that you are doing well and are experiencing God's presence in whatever it is that He has you pursuing. Thanks for stopping by.

Also, I have been taking a look at other blogs and have noted that there are a lot more pictures being put on these entries than what I have been doing. I hereby pledge, this being an election year in California and all, to put up more pictures in these posts! Hope you enjoy them. Now, onto the purpose of this post.

We had the priviledge of joining Calvary Chapel Creekside for their Wednesday Night Study. Pastor Eric Sorian invited us to come and lead worship for his fellowship there in Ontario, and we were happy to oblige. The night was a little different, in that it was not your typical night of worship and study. It was much more like a communion/afterglow type service and it was apparent from the very beginning that the Lord was wanting to touch and minister in a special way. And as the evening went on, the Lord's presence was strongly felt by each of us.

It was funny though how "out of shape" my fingers have become! I have been playing drums a lot, but have had little opportunity to play the guitar. As a result, my endurance has suffered. Normally, in a usual set, we'll do 5 songs or 25 minutes, but Pastor Eric wanted to do an extended ministry time. "No problem," I say as I recall hundreds of times when we did exactly that. But this time, I made it through a few extra tunes, and I could feel my fingers screaming at me to relent! So, while the congregation was entering into worship, I was praying that my fingers wouldn't fall off! I know: WHAT A BABY!

After the service, the reward was the warmth of the fellowship and my first ever Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dog! Between the church and the office/children's facility, there is an area where the congregation settles in for the "heavy hang."

Anyway, it was great night. Thank you C.C. Creekside for having us. See you again soon.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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