Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday #1 April 11th, 2010

Hello All,

A belated "Happy Resurrection Day" to each of you. This last weekend left me with little time to blog my feelings and discoveries regarding the resurrection of Christ. Perhaps I will get to that soon. Suffice it to say: I am grateful to God for His obedient, courageous and unique Son, Jesus Christ, who willingly laid down His perfect life for the totality of human injustice in history, in order that sinners like me and you can have life and that more abundantly in Him! Thank you God for Your wisdom, Your mercy and Your grace toward us.

As resurrection Sunday draws to a close, I am keenly aware that this is the last resurrection weekend that I will be outside of a pulpit. Beginning next Sunday, our Thursday Night group will begin to meet on Sunday mornings at the Hutton Center in Colton. Our service will begin at 10AM. For the near future, the Hutton Center will be our Sunday home, the Gospel of Matthew, our first book to study.

Thursday Nights will continue at the Gonzalez Center. We'll continue to meet and study the book of Genesis each Thursday night at 7PM.

Perhaps a little explanation is needed...7 months ago, we began meeting on Thursday nights. That first night saw about 16 people attend, 5 of which were my immediate family, 4 being my parental units, 1 being an Uncle! It was a good night, but who knew at the time that any not related to me, would return for more! As weeks went by, we added a few people here and there, had visitors come by to see what was happening. Today, we have grown incrementally to over 20 people, and a fellowship and love has grown to the point where going to Sundays is the only thing left to do! I look forward and want to spend Sundays with this group of people for as long as they will tolerate me! The Lord has given me a zealous and Pastoral heart for this local expression of God's body. I look forward to spending the next few decades of life taking in the Word of God, and watching the Lord's movement in and around the city of Colton.

I tell you this first to solicit your prayers. We are beginning a spiritual work in the city of Colton, alongside the other Bible teaching churches that are currently there. Consequently, there will be attack, stress, and difficult decisions. I have always been blessed knowing that many of you that read here, are wonderful at prayer intervention! Many of you have prayed us to Spain and back again! How shall you pray? Pray for wisdom, a natural open door into the community for evangelism, and fervent love among the body for Christ and those who might enter into the doors. More than anything, pray that Christ is exalted, God's Word is honored and His Spirit is freed to minister through His church.

Second, I am asking you to share with friends or family members who might live near Colton, who do not already have a home church, and would appreciate a Calvary Chapel style service. We would love to have the honor of ministering to them. Perhaps you might forward or send them a link to this blog post. Perhaps they might even want to investigate our church's blogspot over at They can find directions, devotions, notes and audio there from recent Thursday night studies.

Finally, to my good friends that are not connected anywhere for one reason or another, my heart and desire would be to see you come and see if this might be a place for you. I, along with those who are apart of this body, would welcome you in the name of the Lord. Finding a church home can be difficult. Perhaps it's easier when you know that the Pastor is a guy you've known for a long time, not as a Pastor, but as just a regular guy/Laker fan/drummer dude!

Whichever "category" you fit in, Sunday April 11th will be a great day for our family. I thank you in advance for however the Lord might move you to be involved.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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Megan said...

frank & lela,
how exciting for you guys!!!! I am so stoked for you. I will be praying for "opening day!"