Monday, April 07, 2008

Look Who's In The House!

Hello All,

That's right: Pastor Carlos Casco is in the HOUSE! Pretty cool! Carlos flew in from Texas just a few days ago and is here for just a few days more. He has been pretty busy and will continue to be so for the remainder of his one week stay. To say the least, we have been totally blessed to have him here with us. For those of you men who have the ability to come out and hear him speak on Tuesday morning at the Morning Fill, I can't encourage you enough to give up some sleep and get to Kingsfield by 6AM. It's going to be great to hear from Pastor Carlos on this very rare occasion. I really hope that you don't miss it!

Tuesday Morning, 6AM, Kingsfield Church in Irvine!


Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


blythe said...

frank, you are the last person i would have expected to make such a grammatical error as in the title of this post.

who's, not whose.

(frown face into a smirk)

Patty said...

It was fun meeting Carlos and hanging at the Sancheezee house. Now I see why you and Carlos got along so well. I wish he was going to be here longer so Steve and JoJo can meet him. Maybe next time.

hasta la pasta with lots of sauce.

Patty said...

Oh yeh, I almost forgot.........

it's "who's" not "whose" (snicker, snicker)

you know like
yo-yo-yo look who's in the house!

I just had to point that out. =D

Anonymous said...

Right now I wish we had Rocket from Little Einsteins! Wish we could be there too! Love you all!

From Spain where the rain is falling on this Spring day! AND THE SUN IS SHINNING!!! WOW!!! I wish I could take a picture of this!


Frank & Lela said...


Oh...whoops! Yet another reason not to blog late night!

Thanks for the correction! You shant see it again!


Frank & Lela said...


I really wish Carlos was able to stay longer. I am having the most difficult time trying to fit everything in. I would have wanted our entire Spain Chain to meet him, but time is severely limited. I'm glad though that you and Isy were able to come. That was fun.


Ironically, most of the time I wish I were there! But if you were here with Miqueas and Yolanda, then, for the most part we would wish to be here...actually, we would be here, so then it would not be a wish...anyway...

Have a great day!


Carrie Marie said...

i'll be there!!!'s breakfast...dang.