Friday, April 25, 2008

Kingsfield & Softball

Hello All,

As you can see from this new blog entry, the computer has again been resurrected, thus saving us money and time, but preventing us from having to purchase a new one. UNBELIEVEABLE! But before I digress, this blog entry is about 1 thing: Softball!

It all started so innocently during announcements on Sunday morning, which I am responsible for giving. I was kidding around with the congregation, telling them about my prowess on the softball field. I may have been embellishing a bit, but not by THAT much. I went to my seat, laughing and Chris Norman, my friend, my fellow laborer in the Kingdom, mocked my skill level in front of the entire congregation!

Now, I will say this in his defense. First, Chris has only heard me tell about my BASEball career, which I will admit, was a tribute to underachievement. In fact, it wasn't until my final game when I realized why I could not hit the ball: I was unable to see it coming at me because my peripheral vision was limited. The last game I played, I decided to open my stance and was then able to see the ball. I went 3 for 4 that day, with a double and two long singles.

Second, Chris has never seen me play anything that involved any level of physical skill. However, what he should have known is my incredible competitive streak. When he opened up the door by talking trash in front of the WHOLE congregation, I made it my mission to do all that I could to secure a win.

When the time came and the teams were chosen, a few short hours later, it was left into the hands of providence. I had really believed that Chris' team had the heavier hitters. Little did I know that we were actually the team with some strong bats and even stronger gloves! Turns out...strictly by an act of divinity, mind you...that we had a golden glove infield, with me at 3rd base, a direct shot at Chris' assertion that I was only allowed to play right field back in my playing days!

The competition was fierce, the lead changing several times over the course of the 9 inning game of the century. I won't lie: This game was not a pitching duel or a complete defensive template. The score going into that last inning was 13 -12, advantage Frank's team. It was then that we scored 4 more runs, giving us insurance, a 17-12 lead.

Jonathan Knepper, our Youth Pastor and pitcher was holding up just fine, but the bats came to life in the bottom half of that inning for Pastor Chris' team. They scored 4 straight runs! I admit, there was a pit in my stomach and an ill feeling in my heart. Would our team indeed lose on this day? Would Chris have the final laugh? The tension was palpable; you could cut it with a knife!It's 17-16, bottom of the ninth, the agreed finale between these two teams. The winning run is on 2nd, a young man, the tying run is on third. (I am not sure how he was able to stand on that base even though I did my best to push him off!) And lo and behold, Pastor Chris gets up to bat. All the glory will go to him! He will win this game! The fate of this game will be in his hands! I am aghast at the pain of losing, especially on this day.

Of course, along with Pastor Chris is his wife Tatum, who has never beaten any team that I was on. I am undefeated against her. I am realizing that with Tatum on Chris' team, that I will not only lose to Chris on the day that he mocked me, but Tatum will have gained her only victory against me.

The ball gets tossed to the plate. Chris is watching for his pitch. I am a bundle of nerves. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, but was only a second or two later, Jono pitches what would be his final pitch of the day. Chris makes contact... and pops the ball up...toward THIRD BASE!!! The entire field was silent. I moved forward about 10 steps to get under it. I don't remember
hearing a word as the ball flew into the path of the afternoon sun. For a second I lost it in the brightness of the sun, but soon recovered and watched the ball float right into my glove!

I heard the song of irony play deep in my satisfied heart. Vindication is SO SWEET! Oh and Tatum is still 0 and ?? against me!

This day was so fun. The brothers and sisters that came out to play had a fantastic time together. For those that played or watched or came out on their bikes and laughed at all of us (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!), it will be a great memory for all of us Kingsfeldians, especially me!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Carrie Marie said...

Wow, that was an amazing story Franklin. I kind of don't want to beat the boys once I come on staff just so you can keep beating Tatum...she hates not winning.

Frank & Lela said...

She and I are on the same page with what we hate! But I think that I hate it much more!