Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Pillars Of Personal Freedom

Hello All,

When one does a blog entry like this, there is a danger of sounding condescending, as if I have stumbled upon some great mystery that makes me superior to anyone else! This is not at all my intent. It's simply that while I have been in ministry, these 10 principles, my personal top ten, have enabled me to enjoy being in ministry.

Now, my lack of including the gospel message or specific Bible verses, does not indicate that I am moving toward some mystical mindset, that is anti-biblical or an attempt at being relevant for relevant sake. These are simple statements that helped me along the years that I have endeavored to be useful to the Lord in full time ministry.

As I present them, I do not infer any particular greatness by any particular order. In fact, many of these statements came out of the same events or seasons of time and were almost simultaneously arrived at!

And, one final disclaimer: There are more lessons to synthesize for the future. Like the Apostle Paul, I have not attained, but am pressing on toward the goal. Along the way, I am sure to learn more lessons that will increase my enjoyment factor to even greater levels.

I will list them here and then subsequent posts will explain each one.

Without further adieu...

#10 I Stopped Comparing Myself With Others

#9 I Stopped Worrying About Who Is Absent

#8 I Stopped Measuring Myself By Singular Activities

#7 I Stopped Waiting For Something To Happen To Me

#6 I Stopped Thinking That I Could Mine Every Truth From Every Scripture, Every Time

#5 I Stopped Putting Presentation & Program Over People

#4 I Stopped Promoting Myself & My Virtues

#3 I Stopped Letting Others Dictate My Load

#2 I Stopped Listening To Exclusive Groups

#1 I Stopped Promising Things I Wasn't Sure I Could Deliver.

In the next few weeks, I plan to explain each one of these, and hopefully, one or two will be helpful to someone, and free them to enjoy whatever stage of ministry that they are in.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Carrie Allen said...

Check out this article I wrote for the school newspaper. :)

Patty said...

Great thoughts.
I try to live by them.
It's very difficult, especially in ministry.

Miss you guys. We want to see your new place.

hasta la pasta.