Thursday, September 06, 2007

Family News Update

Hello All,

Before I get into my 10 Philosophical pillars (I am struggling to figure out a name...), I wanted to quickly update you on what's happening with our family. We are just now experiencing the relief that comes with working in close proximity to the church on one hand, and the blessing of great weather on the other! We are roughly 15 minutes or so from the church and the weather has just turned autumnal, leaving the brutality of the 100 degree days behind.

Let me start with Lela. She is enjoying the amenities of Ladera Ranch with the children most days. There are pools, water parks, play parks and friends with kids close by. As far as ministry responsibilities go, Lela is about to join the Sunday morning worship team. She has been working with the team throughout the summer, during our Wednesday night service, but will now focus on the vocals for the Sunday mornings that she participates in. Additionally, Lela has taken on the responsibility of leading worship for the Women's Ministry. She has been practicing her piano and getting herself ready for this task.

Renae has begun school. This has been her first week back and she seems to be enjoying her teacher and fellow students. Lela and I decided to hold her back to give her a full year of normal Kindergarten (Kin-DER-garten) experience. As you might remember, Renae was in 3 different classes last year, one being in Jerez! She is right on academically, but we wanted her to have a good opportunity to bond with kids and learn to be a good friend. I am told that most people benefit from being held back, especially at such a young age. My parents held me back when I was in 12th grade! That made my Senior Year the best 5 years of my life!!!

Caleb is a happy 4 year old, doing what 4 year olds do! He is just learning to love The Incredibles, so I catch him playing superhero quite a bit. Aside from that, he has really taken to his nickname and song, written about his nickname that we wrote last summer. It's called the "Bwudda Bwudda" song. He smiles really big when he hears it. The kid has got joy mastered...when he's not tired that is!

Elizabeth somehow has been super-injected with caffeine or some other stimulant lately! She has taken on a whole new meaning of hyper! She is classic! When she gets around her Auntie Woods (My sister Leah...don't ask about the "woods" part!), somehow, it gets even more acute! She is cracking everyone up with her antics and running her mother all over the place trying to keep up!

As for me, I continue to enjoy my placement here at the Church. I am looking forward to beginning our Men's Study next week. I am teaching on the Life Of David in a series entitled "Autonomy, Authority and The Man of God." I have been dying to get this going, and in some regards, the summer has been too long, so I am really good to go for this next Tuesday morning! Otherwise, the rest of my responsibilities have been centered on getting the Home Fellowships in order as our church moves into that time of year when the Home Fellowships dominate the scene. I'll be co-leading one this year, which I am very excited about.

That's pretty much it for us. We are so thankful to be where we are in life, being in key positions in a growing church, with a Pastor and staff that is on the same page. We are truly blessed!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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