Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ladera Nights, Take One!

Hello All,

Well, we are in the door! Stuff is in it’s general place and what the condo will look like over the next several months is beginning to take shape. Presently, the only thing that I care about is that my bed is set up and I am laying on it!! The rest will come in time.

None of this could be possible without the incredible, wonderful help from our friends. On Sunday, it was our family and friends who came to our aid in Highland. After our family, there was Jeff Schaefer and Mike Cowen. Both of these guys were a tremendous help and I thank them dearly for blessing us! Mike came through especially big when it came to organizing our junk! Mike, not one article was lost or damaged in any way! YOU ROCK!!!

And then came Monday. We got down to Ladera Ranch just before 4:30PM. This time, it was our Calvary Laguna Connection that came to our aid. Brian Lewotsky, Chris Reinhardt, Troy Myer Jr., Darren Porter, and Mike Weisman helped us unload our stuff. Brian came up HUGE on our kid’s bunk bed, which to Lela and I, was the scariest piece of furniture to assemble. Brian figured it out in seconds and had it up in minutes. Darren with great kindness and compassion brought us some great barbecue fare that hit the spot!

We got finished around 6:30 and all sat around for a while. It was a sweet time of fellowship, but I’ll write more about that next time. For now, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to those that were able to help us with this move. You guys blessed us so incredibly again! We hope to return the blessing in the future.

Today (Tuesday) Lela and I cleaned up the old place back in Highland! Let me just say that this time, I was pretty sure that the filth was permanent! It was roughly 2 MILLION DEGREES in the I.E. today! Add the humidity and it felt like 2 MILLION AND TEN! Horrific! Another big THANK YOU is in order to Ed and April Sanabia, who helped clean the inside of our old place. Thanks guys, especially for your awesome carpet cleaner! You guys are the best!

Alright, time to have my second dream in Ladera Ranch!

Blessings…To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Patty said...

Pictures......we want pictures of the new casa de Sanchez.

Frank & Lela said...


Pictures will come when boxes disappear!! At the rate that we are going, that's looking like Friday...a Friday, like in 2010!

Lela loves her new cookware though...that's a plus! And I love the weather and association pool/spa acoutrements!

Until then,


Hannah Cowen said...

Cookware...the condo came with FREE cookware...we thought we got a deal, but man were we wrong! :) You guys were such a blessing to us on Sunday and we felt sad that we did not take advantage of more Highland time with you...seriously we were practically neighbors. I remember when Mike and Aaron used to call it the deadly Highland triangle! We are so excited for you all and what lies ahead. Refreshment and springs of water ahead...it blesses me to see you delighting in His ministry.
Blessings to your family. We love you guys,
Mike and Hannah

Frank & Lela said...

Hannah & Mike,

That was a great time together there in the empty Sanchez home Sunday Night! I too regret that we were unable to do that before hand, but schedules, life, children, etc., are all good and valid reasons.

It blesses our hearts to see you guys continue in faithfulness to Christ and to each other. It's lives like yours that make me want to continue to do what I do. You guys bless us immensely!

The cookware came with the condo, in that we bought it and only opened it when we got here! And Lela does love it because what she had before was glorified aluminum! However, the condo/townhouse did come with INCREDIBLE weather! Last night at the Steak & Study, I was searching all over the place for a SWEATER...ON AN AUGUST NIGHT!!! I was so thankful to be near freezing cold!

Blessings to you both and Matthew!