Friday, August 24, 2007


Hello All,

Things are slowly taking shape here in our new place. Boxes still line the floors, the cable guy is still coming and the garage door is still ridiculously slow. Otherwise, we are pretty content.

Yesterday, I took the day off from moving and my vacation, to get back to some business at the church with our Men's Steak & Study. This was the final edition for the summer, so I wanted to be there to see it through. The day was typical for a Steak & Study Thursday. Costco, Smart and Final and Vons, all saw me zip through with the usual stuff.

The other item that made this event pretty cool, aside from it being the last one, was that I had some dear friends coming from the Inland Empire to share in the festivities. Patrick Egle and Jeff Schaefer came out to join me for the evening. Both of these guys were leaders in the College Ministry at the Packinghouse when I was the overseeing College Pastor a few years back. Seeing them pull into the Calvary Laguna parking lot felt funny at first, but then so natural when we began our usual witty banter.

It was great to introduce Patrick and Jeff to the Calvary Laguna guys. It was my past and my present right before me. "Patrick, Jeff, this is Marc and Robert and Dan..." Here was this intersection of Kingdom men, who never would have known each other otherwise, but were now sharing in a wonderful night of ministry together. It was really cool.

The actual Steak & Study was fantastic! The steaks are humongous, as usual, and the fellowship around the tables, usually with men from other Churches, is always sweet. Then, our main speaker, Pastor Steve Snook, took the platform and delivered a simple, yet powerful message. By the end of the message, all of the men sat in stunned silence at what God was doing in their lives. I walked up and was afraid to speak, not wanting to interrupt what the Spirit of God was doing, but sensing that I could partner with Him in bringing it home. It was a powerful night of ministry, with several hands of men raised in commitment to Christ.

Afterward, it was Patrick, Jeff, Marc and Mark and I standing together, speaking about the night we had just experienced. It was wonderful to have such wonderful friends from the past and the present right there and I thought, "This is how heaven is going to feel!" Everyone that I have ever shared ministry with, from the early years, right up to today, in the same place, marveling at the work of Christ in each of our lives.

For that moment, I stand proud, in a good way, about what I have participated in in the past, and what I am participating in now, ushering in the future of what relationships will be like at Calvary Laguna.

At the same time, it made me think that I have a time that is set by the Lord, known by Him alone, that I have to minister at Calvary Laguna. Just like the Packinghouse, and just like in Spain, the time will fly by and will someday, perhaps, be over. Seeing Patrick and Jeff reminded me afresh that even the best of ministry times come to an end. They represented a College Group that I loved greatly and wished that I did not have to leave. I hope that this time at Calvary Laguna will not end soon, but I want to make the most of it, in case it ends sooner than I want! It won't be worth it to me unless I give it my all, which I intend to do for as long as the Lord gives me.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Jeff Schaefer said...

Hey Frank! It truely was an amazing night. Patrick and I talked about the events all the way until he dropped me off at my car. Like you said it felt funny at first, I kind of felt the same way, but more in a jealous way. I know that sounds bad and I'll admit that its wrong, but let me explain, you see this jealousy comes from knowing whats instore for those mighty men in Laguna because thats what I experienced, all the late nights, jokes, silliness, Mike Myers commentary on "Austin Powers", and in all seriousness the love and compassion that you show for everyone, and the amazing servant's heart that you and all of your family has, and of course the most important part, the work that God is going to do down there. Well I have to run, but before I go......
For Frank's eyes only

Frank & Lela said...


It was really great to have you guys there and I hope that this will not be the last time we can get together down in Laguna.

Silliness!? Why, whatever do you mean!?

And thanks for specifying for my eyes only! I am sure that the 3 other people who read this blog and comments, totally respected your wishes!! I am sure that nobody will comment on the item because nobody will look at it, so no explanation will be needed!

Hope to see you soon brother!


Brad said...

Hmmm... let's see... there's the straight laced response of,

"Oh Frank, I'm so happy that ____________________"
(fill-in the blank)

-- OR --


OK, in all honesty I love and appreciate everything that this post means to every believer and what you conveyed. I "get it" and I hope that many others do also.

Much love to you all! (Including you Jeff and Patrick!)