Thursday, November 30, 2006

Updates On Past Prayer Requests

Hello All,

On my way home from dropping Renae off, I realized that I have asked for a lot of prayer for various people and then perhaps not given any update! So, in this entry, I want to give some information about various people and items that we have asked you to pray for over the last year.

Antonio & Marguerite
Our landlords, who have been so kind to us over the last year. We have been praying for their salvation. There is nothing new in this area to report. Marguerite is always interested in things regarding our church and spiritual truths. Antonio has not been as interested. We are seeing at least Antonio tonight, as we have scheduled to see him to give him our rent. Please continue to pray for them. These two are always on my heart, and every time we are with them, I do my best to stir conversation to things of the Lord, and have as yet been unsuccessful. Maybe tonight!

The Picaduena Alta Gang
Ah, our favorite taggers! When we were gone back in the early part of the year, they gave us their autographs on our wall outside of our house. When we came back, we learned their names and had a visual reminder on the wall. This second time that we returned, we had been tagged a second time. This time, it seems the neighbors had had enough and chased them away for good. We have not seen them anywhere near our neighborhood since returning.

Ignacio & Javier, The Guitar Center Guys
Lord willing, I will get to see them again soon. When we first met them, they were both still reeling from the tragic loss of their Father. We have played music together a few times, and these brothers are very kind. I stopped by today, and must have just missed them due to Siesta time.

Mari Carmen
Since she gave her life to the Lord a few weeks ago, we have not seen her again at church. Juan Carlos and Claudia, the Bolivian believers who attend our church and work for Mari Carmen, have told us that she remains very interested and has been reading her Bible. Pray that she will be able to truly walk away from whatever might be holding her back.

Jaime, My Language Coach
Our relationship was predicated on his relationship with the young lady that Yolee was tutoring in English. Unfortunately, their relationship ended and we have not seen Jaime around. I explained in detail the Gospel to Jaime and he seemed to be surprised that I didn't already know that Spaniards believed the same thing! "" Pray that the seed that the Lord planted with our relationship might someday blossom.

Acquiring The Spanish Language
Can I just say "Don't Ask!?" There are days when I walk out the door with all the confidence in the world...until someone talks to me! I don't think Lela feels the same way, but I get all nervous and sweaty and I think that mostly our neighbors feel sorry for me! Our vocabulary has improved and we are employing many resources to help. The Rosetta Stone is a great resource, as are the two Podcasts that I am subscribed to. (Let me recommend "Coffee Break Spanish." All I can say is that a Scottish man is teaching Spanish. When he speaks Spanish, he sounds like a Spaniard. The cool thing about this Podcast is you get two for one; I've always wanted to learn a Scottish accent!) One other resource that I have found helpful has been my own recorded messages with Pastor Carlos translating. All that to say: PLEASE PRAY FOR THE GIFT OF TONGUES!

Pastor Carlos' Vehicle Needs
When Pastor Carlos goes into Morroco, he needs an all terrain vehicle to visit remote parts of Morroco. He is currently praying for provision to purchase a new vehicle. There is one that he found recently that is very low priced. We trust that if that is the one for him, then the Lord will provide. Please pray that God would meet that need.

Finally...The VISA Issue
Ah, the mother of all prayer requests. As of today, we still have heard nothing about the visas for Lela and the kids. If we do not hear, we will again have to leave in January. Please pray that God would confirm His call for us to remain here by the provision of these papers.

Thank you for praying. I hope that it won't take me as long to update you on the next set of prayer requests. Ah, I almost forgot: We are slowly feeling better. Elizabeth is recovering from bronchitis nicely according to her pediatrician. Renae seems to be doing a bit better herself. However, Lela could use some extra prayer, as she seems to be stuck near the border of bronchitis. We ask for her complete healing especially. If not, it's spam and cereal again tonight!

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez


Patty said...

Oh my dear Lela I am praying for you. You are the rock, the mommy, and sensible one (no offense Frankie). You are the mash potatoes that keeps the corn on the fork. You are the sweet gummy in the sour bear. You are the beans that keeps the rice in the burrito. You are the polident on the dentures of life. God bless you and heal you.
Love always.

Frank & Lela Sanchez said...


So, what are you trying to say!?

"Our life may not amount to more than a hill of beans. But this is our hill and these are our beans!"


Frank & Lela Sanchez said...

The Better Half says -

Thanks Patty! You are very kind and wise as evidenced in your comments! :)
I really appreciate the love!

Love lots,