Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Joy Of Sickness

Hello All (cough, cough, hack, hack!!!),

As you have likely guessed from the title of this entry, our entire family has come down with various degrees of the cold/flu bug. We all started feeling this way around Thanksgiving Eve and the "sickies" just continued to progress on through the weekend. It has become some part of my personal tradition to get sick on Thanksgiving. I count it my first sickness of the season. Perhaps I passed it around, I don't know. But it got bad enough to consult with a Doctor on Monday morning.

So we all climbed into the "coche de terror," along with our good friend and very able translator Yolee, and went to the clinic. We got there around 10:30AM, which is the Spanish equivalent of 8:30AM. We got there as they were just opening for business. Thankfully, it was a short wait and the Sanchez ladies were seen rather quickly. We came out with a severe cough, minor bronchitis and tonsilitis. After a quick trip to the local pharmacy, we were equipped to fight our various viruses.

I was intrigued by the Spanish Doctor and his manner with us as patients, in comparison to what we are used to in the U.S. health care system. For the most part, there was no separation. He talked to us like any person would talk to another here in Spain. He was very bold and passionate, even for just talking about a cold symptom. For those from the States, the way they talk here would almost be considered provocative. In fact, on a few occasions, I have been observing what I thought were heated conversations, but were in fact merely a "Hello, how are you!"

The other thing I noticed, and notice quite often here is the lack of personal space. No one seems to be worried about crowding you! The Doctor was no exception. He moved right on in and was "up in our business!" It can tend to be a little claustrophobic at times, but nobody here seems to mind. In fact, they look at you a little funny when you seem to mind!

We left the Doctor's office feeling good about our chances for survival! Thanks a lot Doc! We'll see what happens, but if you think about us, pray that we'll feel better soon.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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