Monday, July 31, 2006

Spain Chain Letter #11

Hello All,

This is a copy of our latest email, the Spain Chain, which goes out the last week of every month. Thanks are in order to my good friend and musical partner of many years, Brad Bischoff for taking charge of the Chain. Normally, for those on the Spain Chain, there is .pdf file with our picture and information. Unfortunately, I don't know how to post that on the site. If you want to be included in the Spain Chain, just send us an email, with "Spain Chain" in the subject line, and you will be added for the next month. Now, here is a copy of the current Spain Chain email.

July 28th, 2006

Dear Spain Chain,
Well, we are still here in California. The 26th has come and gone, no call from the Consulate, and no plane ride for the kids. Actually, that last part is a bit of a relief, as 24-hour trans-Atlantic flights are not really as fun as they are advertised! However, the other parts are cause for more prayer. We are sure of the Lord’s call, we are aware that He is working out a brilliant, wonderful plan that will bring glory to Himself, and in the meantime, He is further preparing our hearts and lives for a long term of service in Spain. At present, this is the extent of what we know, and we will find our satisfaction in this for the time being.

The good news is that we will have the chance to see many more of you over this time of delay. Plans are already in place to come to various spots in California. As of this writing, the calendar is being examined for various activities, including among other things, a Spain Chain gathering. Matt and Krista Sauls have graciously offered their home for the purpose of a Spain Chain meeting. We are inviting you to join us on August 25th, at 7PM for a night of worship, sharing and prayer. If you can set aside that night and join us, it would be a blessing to be able to fellowship over the topic of Spain and what the Lord is doing there. We will send out directions a week prior to the meeting through email. Now onto our update…

Good question! Obviously, we are going to continue to wait for the Spanish Consulate’s call. In the meantime, Frank (the author) is working on getting dates on the calendar for opportunities to share about the work in Spain. As of this writing, we have confirmed dates with Calvary Laguna, Calvary Chapel of Claremont and Calvary Chapel of Guadalupe, August 6th and 13th & 20th respectively. Calvary Laguna is a new contact for us and we are excited to share with that part of the body. Calvary Chapel of Claremont has been faithfully praying for us since the beginning of our ministry, so that will be a great time of fellowship as well. We had a great time with the congregation of C.C.Guadalupe back in the winter, and are looking forward to seeing that very warm congregation again.

As far as our eventual return to Spain is concerned, there are special circumstances that are involved, that we would ask your prayers for wisdom for. Should our visas arrive anytime after this writing, then we are free to travel back to Spain. I am required to be back in Spain by October to activate my visa. At that time, if the family’s visas have not come, they will wait here in California while I travel back to Spain and I will return to wait with them after presenting my visa.

In addition, there are other dynamics involved, including our house in Spain, Pastor Carlos’ traveling plans and Renae’s pending school schedule. All of this is what the Lord holds in the balance, and we trust Him to bring the most beneficial action for His Kingdom and for us, His children. Thankfully, He is holding all these things together.

• Pray for wisdom for Frank and Lela regarding decisions that need to made.
• Pray for the Lord’s will to be done with regard to the visa situation.
• Pray for our emotional states, which wars against our intellect in this time of delay. Pray that the Lord would remind us daily that He has purpose in this delay.
• Pray that as Frank speaks and shares at these various fellowships, that the Word from the Lord would be clearly communicated and specialized to each congregation.

As I have been pondering this last year, I have been impressed by so many truths that have deeply impacted my being. God, from the beginning of Man’s existence, has taken the initiative to reach His prize creation with His love. Prophets, people of faith and from all walks of life, have endeavored to follow that heart of God, and join themselves to the purpose of re-connecting a fallen being with God the Creator. Most have faced more than just delay. Some have lost life or limb; the cost has been great. It was this thought that filled my heart recently. I was speaking with the Lord and talking about the cost of this whole endeavor, just to have the ability to live in Spain and bring the message of the Gospel to her people. It is costly financially, emotionally and when you talk about 24 hour trips, physically. It was borderline complaint when I sensed the Lord speak that the cost to Him was His very life, and that all of eternity’s resources were focused on this one great goal. I thought of this statement with regard to John 3:16 and there saw again that God the Father, spent the greatest treasure upon the world, namely His dearly loved Son Jesus, in order to bring about the miracle of Salvation. And all for what? That they might be delivered from the Kingdom of Darkness into the presence of God, who will heal the nations in the fullness of the Kingdom. (Revelation 22:2)

Is it worth it? Definitely! There is no greater enterprise on this earth, on this side of eternity, that we can partner in together. I pray that though our delays and troubles are discouraging, I hope that you are reminded of why. This is our hope for you.

• The Church In Jerez. Continued growth and grace among the believers to be witnesses to the community.
• Pastor Carlos Casco. He travels to Morocco from July 27th to the 9th of August. At that point, he returns from that trip, but then turns around and heads to Bolivia for a Pastor’s training seminar from the 13th to around the 22nd.
• The Spanish Unbelievers who are part of our life there, Jaime, Sylvia, Ignacio and Javier from the Guitar Center, the Picaduena Alta gang of kids, Antonio and Margeurite (landlords), and our neighbors. Pray that they would continue to see the difference in the believers that are around them and identify that as Christ living and ruling in us. We pray for their salvation.

That is all for this month. Please feel free to contact us or call us at (909) 904-5891. We are looking forward to times of fellowship and contact with you. Thank you for your love and support.


Frank Sanchez, Author
Lela Sanchez, Chief Editor
Renae, Caleb and Elizabeth Sanchez, missionaries in waiting!

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