Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our Story and Finding Pertinent Information

Hello All,

For the benefit of those who might be joining here for the first time, I quickly want to recap our story (which I alluded to in both services at C.C. Santa Maria) and point you to all the pertinent information that you might want to have access to on this site. Here is a rough time-line:

7 or 8 years ago... Lela and I both sensed a call to pray for Spain, independently of one another. We prayed for a week, nothing happened, we stopped praying!!

5 years ago... The house that we were renting ran into a bunch of insurance problems and the prospect of moving came up. I sensed from the Lord that this was not going to be an ordinary move.

Around the same time... We went to meet with our Pastor, Ed Rea, about the future of ministry and what he thought we should do. He asked us the famous question: "Have you ever prayed for a place?" Spain was the only place that fit the criteria.

Still about the same time... We began to investigate. We looked at the Calvary Chapel website and found that there was only one Calvary Chapel in the whole country! I quipped, "Well, it looks like they got it covered..."

Long Story from here... Through a good friend and team member, we met Steve and Aryn Caliguiri. They were instrumental in getting us ready to go to Spain. We had met several times and had intended to join them in Alicante Spain, but the Lord it turns out, had other intentions. (The Caliguiri Family are still in Spain and we look forward to seeing them there one of these days. When we return, I want to do one blog entry on all the missionaries we know who are either in Spain or very close to coming.) It was around the same time period that we me met Pastor Carlos Casco, who asked us to come and assist him in the church plant that he was involved in.

September 2005... We made our first trip into Spain to set up our house and determine if we were to live on the Mission Field.

December 2005... We returned to the states to officially apply for our Visas.

April 2006... We returned to Jerez and waited for word regarding our visas.

June 2006... We returned to the states to pick up Frank's visas.

July 2006... We are currently waiting and praying that the Family's visas will come.

There you go! Now, on this website, there is a good deal of information which we have addressed at one time or another, about various subjects.

For information about our mission, vision or how you can support us, go to the January Archive.

For our updated prayer requests, go to the June Archive.

For a good taste of what life is like for us in Spain, including a short bio of the Church and Pastor Carlos Casco, take a look at the May Archive.

Hopefully, you will find all the information that you might need in these places.

God bless you and thank you for taking interest in what the Lord is doing with us as we endeavor to work in Spain.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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