Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Quick Trip To Cadiz

Hello All,

This last Friday night, we braved the roads of Spain and took a little family outing into Cadiz. Cadiz is about 30 minutes from us and is very reminiscent to the feel of San Francisco. We decided we needed to do a family outing once a week, just to keep our minds from getting too centralized in Jerez. So we thought we would get out to Cadiz.

An interesting thing about Cadiz (pronounced "Kha-thees) is that the ancient city underwater, is thought to be the Biblical city of Tarshish, where Jonah was headed before he got the first submarine ride in the Bible! And, even more compelling, is that there is a whale watching industry in Cadiz which lures many tourists annually into the waters of the Atlantic. Could it be? Who knows how close Jonah got to Cadiz, but that would be really cool if a Cadizian whale got him!

Anyway, we were there for a few hours before the kids tired out. We were able to watch a Catholic processional go through the town in front of the main Cathedral, where we spent about a half hour. We were unable to figure out what was going on, but it was loud and slow moving. At the steps of the Cathedral, I stood at the giant doors and figured for a joke, that I would knock on the door and see if anyone would answer. I turned around to watch the processional and then turned back around to see the door wide open! I figured it was an invitation and I did go in and managed to take a few shots.

There are a great many tourists in Cadiz at this time. We did see quite a few people who spoke English, which was refreshing, and made us think that coming back would be great for exploration, as well as meeting some people who spoke our language.

As I said, the kids got tired and hungry, so we ended the night with some fine scottish food from McDonalds and then headed home. Thank the Lord, our little Silver Hornet did just great both ways and we look forward to more voyages soon.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,

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