Saturday, May 20, 2006

Children On The Mission Field

Hello All -

Sorry it got kind of quiet here this last several days. I was all geared up to put out another "exciting" blog entry together for you guys on Wednesday night after church. Due to an unscheduled near "foot-echtomy," I was unable to do so. Elizabeth, our youngest clocking in at 17 months old, pulled a 3 foot mini-bookshelf off balance and onto her foot. At the time, one hour before Wednesday night service, I had gone to the third floor to print off my notes, and Lela was getting something for Caleb in the kitchen. When it happened, thankfully my 4 year old daughter Renae was very close and stopped the piece of furniture from falling full force onto Lizzy's feet, but she could not hold the weight. My wife got there just a second after it fell and screamed; I ran down the stairs, heart stopped, and scared for what I was about to find. Lizzy's foot immediately swelled and she cried for a good 15 minutes. It was decided at that time to take her to the clinic.

Yolee, our good friend, translator and fellow worship leader, volunteered to come with us, which of course now meant the speaker AND the worship team would not be making service!! We all got into the Silver Hornet and drove to the Doctor's office where x-rays were taken within 15 minutes of arrival. All turned out just fine, as the x-rays revealed no break or fracture. The doctor told us to just make sure we kept her off of her feet the next couple of days. "Oh sure, and while we're at it, we'll go ahead and keep the sun from rising too!!" But even that turned out well, as Lizzy naturally kept her foot up and did not attempt to put any weight on it at all. Slowly, she is finding her way around, but that was quite a scare.

It is really not scary to be here in Jerez as adults. We blend in fine and are having a good time. Often, I find that my fear is for our kids more than anything. I want them to be safe, I want them to have friends and enjoy life. As I have now watched several falls, bandaged a few bad scrapes and even seen both Renae and Caleb dart out onto the streets with cars coming, I realize that I must trust the Lord to be our help. Kids are going to be kids and I can shelter them and protect them as much as is humanly possible, and they still might get into danger! But His eye is never turned. He never slumbers nor sleeps and He is our present help in time of need. I find this most comforting after the week we have had.

Well, I gotta go. Today we are celebrating Caleb's 3rd birthday. We love our little guy, who has been blessed with a wonderful disposition and an awesome smile. I have said since we had him that he was a little lady killer and would be blessed with great fashion sense having an older and a younger sister! That means he will likely never have a mullet like his Dad did back in the 80's! We love him and ask that you would just offer a prayer for him, that God would separate Caleb unto Himself for service and that His life would bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ all of His days.

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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