Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3rd...

Hello All,

It has been 3 months since we turned in our "residency work exemption authorization visa." I just bring it up to remind you to pray that the Lord would allow our paperwork to be processed quickly, even miraculously. It would be such a great confirming word of our calling here to Jerez if we received a call from the consulate sooner than later. I am sure that I don't need to tell you what comfort that would be. Until that time, we are happily bopping from one duty to another.

For example, today I went and resigned our rental contract with our landlord Antonio. Antonio, along with his wife Marguerite, are living the retired life in a nearby city. Antonio used to work as a chef for the London Parliament, and is really quite a young man to be retired. They are enjoying retired life and are really very kind people. Today, Antonio and I walked together to the lawyer's office for this minor detail. I sat there and watched as the young lady lawyer worked through the contract details on her computer screen. She spoke very, very fast, even for an Andulus! At one point, she looked at her screen and began talking, seemingly concerned over something. Antonio grunted in understanding and turned to me with a concerned look. He said, "Frank, we cannot do the contract. The Police are looking for you." At first, I just said, "What?" But as the moment turned to seconds, both Antonio and the lady looked at me as though what was said, was said in earnest. Antonio commented that this was what the computer had told them. I could feel my concern grow and Antonio opened up a big smile and said, "Got you." It was so funny! He got me good and we got a tremendous laugh out of it.

It is for the relationships like this one, that are just starting to get fun, that I would love to stay here with my family, and these friends. So, we ask for your prayers in that regard. If you haven't prayed on this for a while, let this be a reminder. If you have been praying diligently, please stay on course. We are hopeful that it will be resolved favorably soon.

Now, just a note for the next several blog entries. I wanted to take some time to introduce you to our church families here in Jerez. Please take a look on Friday, as I will begin a two part introduction to the Pastor of Calvario De Jerez, Carlos Casco. I hope that you will check it out and be blessed by the life of this awesome missionary.

Until then...

Blessings To The Friends of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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