Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Recurring Top 6 Embarassing Moments

Hello All,

Since several of these have often plagued me throughout my years on earth and since many have occurred in the last several days, I thought that I might share them with you. Perhaps you will find them somewhat ridiculous or have a better stable than mine, but these rank pretty high for me.

#6 The Wrong Phone Number. Yeah, it seems that this would not be so bad, as the person on the other end cannot see your face, but I always am embarrassed by getting the wrong number. On a few occasions, I make this worse by thinking that I mis-dialed, only to discover that I was initially accurate. The only thing worse than hearing, "Wrong number" is to hear the words,"Wrong number again." And the only thing worse than that is hearing the words "What number are you trying to dial?" as in "You are too stupid to be using the phone!"

#5 Calling Someone The Wrong Name. I remember when I first met our good friends, Gregg and Shannan several years ago. For the first several times that we met, I had it in my head that his name was Steve. I kept saying, "So Steve..." Finally, Gregg, in his usual polite manner said, "My name is Gregg." I wish that this was the only time that this has happened. On this particular occasion, I might have also added the words, "Are you sure?," as in, "Are you sure that that's your name?"

#4 Saying Goodbye Only To Run Into Them Seconds Later. So, you have this deep spiritual conversation. Both of you are spent. You've prayed, said that you would keep praying and that you'd catch up with each other in another day, week, whatever. You go your separate ways, only to find that you are both going to the same spot on the grounds that the other person is going to! In some cases, it's the parking spot next to the other person! Somehow, that's embarrassing to me.

#3 Completely Forgetting What It Is That We Committed To Pray About! That person that you had a great spiritual conversation with comes back the next week to tell you about the great victory that they achieved and by the looks on your face, they know that you haven't thought about them at all! Being completely caught off guard, you call them by their wrong name!

#2 Is It A Handshake Or A Hug!? You've got the right name, you're on the same page and you're about to greet one another. In your mind, a handshake is in order, but in their mind it's time for a hug. Of course, when you see the "hug sign," you immediately rethink your position and go for the hug. Just then, the other person has seen that you threw the handshake sign, and put out the right hand of fellowship! In the meantime, you are both moving at a rapid pace toward one another, one with hands out, the other with a hand between you. The worst is when you both make a third adjustment! I'm surprised that I haven't been injured!

#1 Responding To Someone Else's Wave. You walk into the gym and across the room, there is that person waving toward the door that you just came through. They are waving enthusiastically, so glad to see you. Of course, in your mind, their excitement is justified. You are, in fact a pretty cool dude! Frankly, you really can't place this person. They look somewhat familiar, but the memory is illusive, but no matter: They are happy to see me. I can hardly hide my satisfaction, as I smile in return and then return the wave. It's at this point when their eyes meet yours and they wave you off, letting you know that their excitement was not for you, it's for that person who you did not even notice was behind you. The pride you felt a second ago has turned to the embarrassment that only crawling under a rock can dilute!

So there you go my friends. Wanna embarrass me? There's how you do it! I'm grateful, as I consider this list, to have such gracious friends, who know how to laugh when we are caught in these moments. It makes them much less painful.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Simone Knepper said...

You KNOW I hate the hugging ordeal too! Ar least with me everyone knows: I don't hug, so don't even put it out there to start with! ;)
And yes, its the WORST when you've said goodbye and then meet up again/ walk in the same direction.
These situations must be avoided at all costs.

Leslie Limon said...

The whole hugging/handshake thing gets me every time! In Mexico, the handshake comes first and is usually followed by a kiss on the cheek. But some like to add a hug between the handshake and cheek kiss. And then there are the ones who love to confuse people and end the entire thing with another handshake. Too confusing and I always feel embarrassed afterward. :P

Joanie said...

I like to go for long walks and listen to sermons on my ipod. (Most of them are the perfect length for a 3 to 4 mile walk) Anyway, I left for one of these walks the other day and ran into an old friend and his wife. We chatted a little bit, said our goodbyes, and then realized that we were pretty much on a walk together. So much more awkward when there is no actual destination (like a car) to break up the party.

Roman said...

What about the joke handshakes. You put your hand out and the other person does the same and at the last second puts the shaking hand behind his head!

Simone Knepper said...

Another dreadful moment is when you're in a shop of some sort (blockbuster in my case), walking down the aisle and your significant other is right behind you: you see something that catches your eye and you start to say something to your partner, but as you turn to see their reaction you realize you're talking to a complete stranger...