Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So I'll Speak From The Rooftop...

Hello All,

Last week, routine maintenance was scheduled for the air units at Kingsfield Church. (What if I just wrote that and nothing else? A little unsatisfying!? Don't worry: I won't!) It began a little strangely, as the company came out without an invitation or so much as an announcement. I had to turn them away, as the ladies were meeting in one of the rooms that would be adversely affected by their rooftop activities. I did however schedule their free preventative maintenance for the following week, which was now last week.

This time, when they came out, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the guys, who happened to be the lead man. A routine, non-descript talk, turned into a revealing discussion regarding this young man's life. A tour of duty in the armed forces, a messy divorce and custody issue had caused him to run into a church to seek God and pray to Him. At that church, he was told that he would have to make a donation if he was to stay any longer! From that point on, he refused to step back into church. I stood there stunned, not at this man's statements, but at the hurt that had surrounded his life. A phone call interrupted and we both went back to work. Unfortunately for them, they would have to return the next day.

That day went by with just a word or two exchanged between us. At the end of the day, I needed to spend some time away from the office. I just needed a little air and decided to check up on the men on the roof. I went up and took in the great view and felt the fresh air sweep over me. I walked over to the men and casually asked how things were going.

At this point, the other man began asking me questions about our church. I just started answering the questions, which led the initial guy to asking me more personal pointed questions, about life, heaven and eternity.

I was so amazed that God had flung open this great door...up on the roof!!! So, I went for it, as calmly as possible, and shared the gospel with this young man. Though he did not receive the Lord, he did clearly hear the gospel, before opting out of the conversation.

I wondered why "it did not happen." But I was soon understanding that it was more for me than it was for him. Sure, he will have that seed watered and it may come to fruition. But for the one who shares the Word, there comes a sense of excitement and fulfillment that lifts your spirits from any emotional place. Something about the excitement of the potential of that moment stirs your heart to believe again, as if it were the first time that you heard the news of the gospel yourself. It is always exhilarating.

Maybe you'll have an opportunity this week. Make the most of it! Not for their sake or even the Lord's, though those are noble causes. Do it because it's the greatest experience Christians can ever receive. Who knows: God may even bring a sinner into the fold...how much better would that be!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Cowen Family said...

Sanchez Family~ Please pray for our friend MaryAnn. About every 2 months we go through the same type of situation with her. She stands at Heaven's door. Still "opting out" but still asking the questions. Thrilling for us to be a part of. We continue to pray for her as her heart is searching and still asking!

Jeff and Aimee said...

So did you ask him to waive the fee for the maintenance check in exchange for the improv counseling session? (Just kidding!)