Saturday, February 07, 2009

Allow Me To Introduce, Karis Harmony!

Hello All,
My brother Richard and his wife Lenna, gave birth to their first born Friday around 1:20PM. Thankfully, she takes after her mother and is quite beautiful!! We took the kids to the hospital and were able to visit "Auntie Lenna" in her room for about 20 minutes. Poor girl was totally tired, but definitely excited. Rich...well, he looked quite shocked, but excited as well.

The experience was of course, incredible for the kids. They love little babies. Their cousins, Adam and Isaiah are always doted on when we go over to "Auntie Corrie's" house. (Ever notice that it's always the woman's house!? Hmmmm.....) At first, we were not sure if they were going to let us in. The sign above the maternity ward read that no kids under 13 would be admitted, unless they were siblings. I admit that I considered lying, which I am glad that I did not perform, especially in front of Carlos Casco, who accompanied us to the Hospital. Thankfully, my wife just went to the desk and with her sweet demeanor, was able to persuade the nurse that we could all enter if even just for a short time. (Weird, but I did not think that the Force worked on nurses!) I am really glad that the nurse let us in, as the I believe that the kids would have completely melted down if they had been restricted.

As you can see, their awe of the moment was clearly seen. They wanted to touch and hold and play, but wiser minds prevailed, and they just looked from a distance. However, both Lela and I got the chance to hold Karis, which for me brought back a ton of memories. The feel of her skin, the type of diaper, the look on her face, all flashed me back to when Renae was born. That day was surreal, a feeling that I know Rich now relates to!I know that I did not show any pictures of my sister-in-law...I will wait for her to approve them! Needless to say, she looked lovely as a mother whose heart, though tired, was blessed and fulfilled in the purpose that lay before her.

To Rich and Lenna: Congratulations! To Karis: Welcome to the world! We can't wait to get to know you!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Patty said...

Oh my gosh!! I haven't been to your blog site for a while and just randomly decided to stop by and my oh my what a beautiful surprise. Karis is lovely (as the Stevie Wonder song goes). Give Richie and Lenna a big hug from the Nieves family! While you're at it, you can hug Lela and kids too.

hasta la pasta with lots of sauce.

Carrie said...

smart man not to post those pictures of Lenna... you are allowed to come visit me in the hospital anytime now.

kindra said... sweet. Congrats, Uncle Frank. She's beautiful!!