Thursday, January 08, 2009


Hello All,

Sometimes blogging takes a little extra time to get things right. I have a blog in draft, a follow up to a blog that I wrote last week, which I'll likely finish next week. Till then, I wanted to begin blogging in a rapid-fire-soundbyte-type style. I figure a few of these might pop up from time to time. I enjoy reading them when other people do them, so maybe these can be enjoyable too. So here are some tidbits from our life:

- Lizzy got her cast off today! Thankfully, the bone that she broke climbing down the Finfrock tree house has fully healed. No more "keep-the-cast-dry" baths! No more "hide-here-comes-Lizzy-to hug-me-cast-first" moments in my head!

- Renae is going to have her adnoids removed in a few weeks. Surgery will keep her out of school for a week. She is often sick and therefore, not in a great mood with Mommy. Hopefully, this will solve that.

- Caleb wrote a letter to Kobe Bryant today, inviting him to his birthday party in May! I did not have the heart to tell him that Kobe will be busy winning a World Championship during that time and will not likely attend. But you have to give him props for thinking about it!

- Lela is making enchiladas next week! BOOYAH!!! Ever since we got the Food Network upon return from Spain, Lela has been on FIRE in the kitchen! She's awesome and I love her!

- I have waited over a decade for the Theological Dictionary Of The New Testament. I am just a day or so away and my impatience level is going through the roof!! I need some distraction.

- I love the Men's group that I teach. We are in the life of Paul and I am learning so much. I'll be teaching Romans 1 next week. I love Romans.

- Today I answered a question about Genesis 6:2. It's been years since I addressed that question, but it was so fun to be asked. I love when I get to answer those kinds of questions.

- Today, I was encouraged verbally by someone who attends my Bible study. Folks, that goes a long way for people in your life. Encourage them verbally, face to face, eye to eye. You'll never know how deep that goes.

- Didn't we have a hands free law go into effect last year? So now you can't "text?" Doesn't that require "hands?" I'm confused...

- Pastor Carlos Casco comes to town in just two days! I can't wait to see mi bueno hermano!

- My drum student is really doing well. She is learning one of the hardest tunes that I know how to play and teach. I'm proud of her!

- I get to go to NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) next week. Last time I was there, I saw the Nelson twins, Gene Simmons and several other music personalities. It will be fun to see all the new drum stuff for 09.' Thank you Jon Minei!

- Did I mention that I saw a Laker game a few nights ago with my wife! It was so much fun to be there. Thank you Brian Lewotsky!

- Yesterday, I removed every Christmas tree in my life from sight. I am so happy that they are gone...I only wish that it was for good!

- If you're not on Facebook, it sure has been fun! Come join us...

- One final important note: I am looking into paying for a renewal of our domain name, Hopefully there will be no interupption, but in case there is, just remember to that the url for this site is still:

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Simone Knepper said...

what the heck are "adnoids"?

Carrie said...

If Kobe responds, let me know.

brenda said...

Frank, you misspelled interruption. I think I will faint now...