Monday, October 20, 2008

Still Pending!

Hello All,

I must apologize for my lack of "blogtivity." A combination of factors have contributed to this. Along with the usual busy-ness, there has also been a lack of interesting material to contribute. Actually, the real problem is that the material that I would love to write about is priviledged information, and many of the participants read here. As a result, I am unable to write of the things that I am involved in on a daily basis. In many of these situations, there is great pain, sadness and toil of soul. There are people that are dealing with broken relationships, court cases, loss of employment or property loss. That is happening all around us.

Many times, I get the opportunity to encourage and strengthen these brothers and sisters. In some cases, I feel that I have said all that can be said, and still feel as though there is nothing that has been accomplished. The stories drag on with no end in sight and I wonder, "How can these brothers and sisters continue to deal with this scenario?" I question the Lord and ask, "How long will you allow this trial of theirs to continue?" I don't usually get an answer to that question.

Instead, I am reminded of our own trials of faith that we have gone through as a family. I remember a time, not too long ago, where Lela and I were trekking across the globe, waiting for visas in a Spanish town. They never came and confusion reigned. We kept getting a little hope here and a little hope there, but in the end, the Lord brought us home and planted us in a new place. The point is that in the midst of that trial of our faith, things seemed endless!

As I sit from this vantage point, on the other side of the trial, I realize that it was not endless, but it sure felt that way. But what I have really come to realize is that these cases, while they are still pending, are assured to be good stories in the end, because these friends love Jesus and they will see Jesus deliver and bring them to a good place, even though this time of their lives are anything but good. For these, there will be vindication and restoration. God does His best work from the most ruined landscapes.

To my friends, and you know who you are: Stay focused on the Lord and hang on with all your life! We love you and are praying for you. In any way that we can participate with you, we will. But know this: This will end, God will be glorified in your lives and the joy of a good testimony will be yours.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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