Monday, April 24, 2006

So Far...And Yet So Close!

Hello All,

I hope that you are enjoying life there wherever you are reading this from. It is an amazing marvel that continues to baffle me, that I can somehow reach your life from right here in my office in Spain! Oh, and how you can reach mine as well is equally amazing. Through the advent of the web, so many great technical advances have made this huge world seem so very small.

Consider these daily activities that perhaps we are all so used to, but are nevertheless incredibly cool. Lela and I have emailed back and forth to so many of our friends and family, that we hardly feel like we are away. Through iTunes, and the blessing of podcasts, we have been able to continue to monitor our favorite teachers, and even our favorite sports and t.v. shows. Through the lens of a small camera, we have been able to see our families on more than one occasion. And just this last Sunday, my family managed to make it to the first service of our own Church through the live webcast that our church now offers.

I know that I am perhaps sounding a bit like somebody who is astounded by the technology that all of the rest of the world has had for years, but it takes on a new meaning when you are all alone on the other side of the world. Our computer represents a bit of home to us. When we come to it, it is our little haven where friends are gathered, at least electronically, and English is spoken by all!

And then we walk outside. Suddenly, very little is familiar. People don't know who you are and are not very interested in finding out. Most places retain a sense of mystery, for we know that a language barrier will make it hard to perform even the most mundane functions of discovery if we enter. Thankfully, we have not let this keep us from exploration, but deep breaths are often taken before and after such excursions. Even the ice cream is different!

But then to walk home, and know that we have friends who are watching and participating alongside of us, accessed simply by a little computer, keeps us balanced, and ready to head back out for the challenges that await us.

"Honey, we need some bread and milk from the corner market." Deep breath...

Blessings to the friends of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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Mike said...

The Ice Cream is different....ahhh..Magnums!!