Thursday, August 26, 2010

"What A Difference The Lord Makes..."

Hello All,

Anyone remember that old advertising campaign for C&R clothing? For those who are too young to remember, I have taken the liberty of sharing this commercial with you. LADIES: I warn you: There is a muscular, near shirtless man at the beginning of the commercial. If such a thing stumbles you, then I advise you not to open your eyes for the first few seconds of the commercial!

Surprisingly, this song came rushing back into my head this week, only I considered it in terms of the Lord's presence in a person's life. This train of thought began with the verbal spat that I had on Facebook, a part of which is seen in the previous post. That conversation was interrupted and taken over by various other parties, which is just fine by me. I pray that they will be seed planters and maybe even one will see an increase!

But what intrigued me was that this woman was on one side of the spectrum, while I met with another lady with the same name, who was on the other side. This other woman was of similar age, even similar, to a degree in appearance. For the sake of the innocent, we'll just call them "Gina."

Gina #1 is an agnostic, who is openly and proudly lesbian. Gina #2 has been a Christian for over 20 years, faithfully married with children to a godly man. Gina #1 is loud and brash, unwilling to converse rationally about things of God. Gina #2 is so soft and sweet, just having her say "hello" blesses your soul!

This has nothing to do with anything other than Christ makes such a difference in your life. Sometimes it's so incredibly obvious. This week, God gave me a little glimpse again into that reality. Jesus makes a radical difference in our lives, taking our rough edges and rounding them off to conform to His image, which is gentle, loving and meek. In the case of Gina #2, that is what I see, but it's not just what I see in her. It's what I see in all of my friends who have loved the Lord for years! There is something so familiar about it.

In fact, I will dare you to go into a store and see if you can't recognize Him in a the faces of perfect strangers! I would venture to guess that many of you would see the same things that I saw this week.

All of this prompts us to remember: Whose image are we promoting? What do people see in us? When there is something contrary to Christ in our actions or attitudes, what is our response? For the sake of those watching, I pray that we'll consider that more carefully.

To the non-Christian, it is a witness like no other. To the Christian, it is an encouragement like no other.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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