Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day To Be Free...

Hello All,

I hope that you have had a wonderful Memorial day weekend. For most of us, we have enjoyed what we have enjoyed because of the brave men and women around the globe that serve in our armed forces currently and in recent history. I am grateful as my Grandfather and two Uncles served our country both in the Army and in the Marines respectively. My Grandfather Frank served in World War II in the European theatre and my Uncle Rick in Vietnam. Both returned to U.S. soil and both have since gone on to be with the Lord. In the later days of my Grandfather's life, he told us stories of what life was like during his time there. I remember sitting at our kitchen table, listening attentively to all that he had to say. I was blown away at the fact that he could have had such a profoundly terrifying existence, and still live day to day as though none of it ever took place. Of course, for him I am sure that the memories were not far from his mind in the day to day, but he did not make it known to us kids.

Since his and Rick's death, I no longer have any veterans of foreign wars in our family to thank as each Memorial Day passes. I do however make it a practice, and commend it to you as well, that you take the time to thank any person in service that you come across. I have often walked over and shook hands with those who serve in our military and simply let them know of my appreciation. Each time, it has been gratefully received. These men and women have given up more than most of us can ever know. They deserve our appreciation and our prayers.

"Thank you Lord for those that serve this country. Keep them safe in their endeavors. Bring them home safely and quickly. Amen."

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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Jenn said...

Thank you for posting this Frank. I too remember sitting at the table when my grandfather finally shared some of what he'd never shared with us from WWII, I do not know how those men carried on in everyday life after some of what they saw. Such heroes! And now, as my husband serves in the Army, I stand among heroes daily, and am ever grateful for my husband and all those who serve. And am ever mindful of those we have lost, and the families left behind. Thank you for remembering!