Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Do We Go Now?

Hello All,

Yes, it's a Guns n Roses song lyric, but it also aptly describes this blog. For the last several weeks, I have employed this blog to announce news of my sister's condition, and ultimately her memorial service. During that time, we had the highest traffic that this site has ever seen, numbering well over 4,000 hits. On one day, we had over 800 views to our site! It was truly unbelievable. Of course, we are now back down to our usual number of views, and I thank you for checking in on us...whoever you are!

But, as the title suggests, it's time to return to the usual fare normally presented on this site. I will say that a lasting memorial of my sister Leah remains on this page over to the right where all of our YouTube videos are. I loaded the slideshow that we had at Leah's memorial onto our YouTube channel, in case you wanted to check it out. It was done beautifully by our friend Billy Gedney, who graciously volunteered his time and talents to bring those pictures into digital reality.

Now, moving on, there really is a LOT to tell you...But, I can't just yet! Until then, I thought I would pound out a "tidbits" blog, just to get my fingers back into blogging shape. So here it goes:

- Tonight, my kids performed a show in our alley with their friends. It was a dance/lip sync routine. It was absolutely hilarious! It made me happy, not just because it was incredibly cute, but because it was my daughter Renae who really showed no fear of being in front of people! It was great to see her enjoying the performance. Afterward, they signed autographs and had a "Meet The Dancers" after show hang. It was precious.

- It's summer and that means Baseball. I am not much of a fan, but around August, when there is nothing else going sports-wise, I dig in and see what the Dodgers are doing. I will always love the Dodgers in August and I plan to take the kids to a game soon.

- Speaking of Baseball, does anyone else think that Baseball needs to move a bit faster? I have some suggestions:

• More than 2 foul balls after a full count = Strikeout

• Once in the batter's box, you cannot get out.

• New pitcher gets 5 tosses instead of the customary 10...they've been warming up for awhile...

• Nobody ever gets to argue any calls...ever!

• Intentional walk is a card pulled out of the Pitcher's back pocket.

• No more off-speed pitches!

• Strikeout and then throw the ball directly back to the pitcher. Going around the horn is ridiculous!


• Extra innings!? Let's get sudden death going! First team to get one out of the infield wins!

• No stopping for signs. In ear monitors will allow the base coaches to communicate...using WORDS!

- It's currently 11:16PM as I write this. Tonight, we gave the kids the ability to stay up as late as they wanted to. Both Caleb and Lizzy are out. Renae is going strong, drawing away in her room! She is SO her Father's Daughter!

- I have been traveling through the Old Testament with my kids at Bible BedTime. We are currently in Exodus. Certain parts can be so incredibly funny when intersperced with creative license. The kids loved when Pharoah's daughter kept closing the lid on crying Moses. They loved the way Moses tried to roast marshmallows after the burning bush incident. ("That gives me an idea!?") Currently, we are learning about the plagues and the humor is helping them remember! It's cool.

- My brother Mike came over to our home yesterday and purchased some tunes from the iTunes music store. Usually, Mike is from Mars and I am from Venus when it comes to music. Tonight however, I must admit that I am digging one of his purchases. It's the music of Josh Garrels, the album is "Over Oceans" and the tune that I'm loving at this late hour is "Break Bread." The whole album has a Jack Johnson vibe to it, if you like that sort of thing!

- Speaking of music, I love the Chick Corea Elektric Band. One of my favorite songs is "Got A Match." Here's a guy that plays the entire HIMSELF! Sickening!

- When next you pray, please lift up my lovely wife Lela. She had a root canal today and has been suffering with jaw pain for the last several weeks, needing a root canal, but thinking it was a crown issue. I pray that she'll feel relief real soon. Pray that with me!

- Finally, it's 11:45 and Renae is OUT! So much for making it to 3AM...

I guess, I better hit the hay as well!

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


justbecause said...

Frank and Lela,
Funny thing- I had a dream about Lela last night that I was walking and talking with her. I think I dreamt (sp?) this because I sat behind 2 of your children at church on Sunday. Elizabeth kept looking at me and I would smile and wink at her, then she would look away only to try her hardest not to look again. So you all have been on my mind and heart and we pray for you. I enjoy reading your blog as it makes you all seem closer. Blessings to you. Jessica

Carrie said...

I'm excited for the blog post that I have been waiting for for a long time. ;)