Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Do I Blog? (Tidbits)

Hello All,

One of the beautiful things about blogging for me, is the lack of schedule. It's the one thing in my life that does not require daily attention. It can always be what I need it to be and nothing more. It's always faithful to represent me correctly (though Lela USUALLY agrees with what I write) and is always ready for more...or less.

When I began blogging, there was so much more purpose involved. I wanted to give our mission supporters a place to check in on us at their leisure. We were in Spain and wanting to communicate, I blogged 3 times a week. When we moved back to the States, the focus gradually changed. I was no longer needing to communicate, as life started to groove. Who wants to read, "I got to work at my usual time, though I did notice a longer than usual lag on the 5 at El Toro!"

No, that would not make for compelling blogging! (I'm not sure that THIS makes for compelling writing either!) But I still blog.

To be completely honest, I am not even sure why I do anymore, except that I expect that I will one day (perhaps soon) return to blog on more weighty matters. Perhaps the blogs that I have been writing for sometime will be considered over time as "that period before he had something important to say!" (I wonder if there will ever be "blogger historians?")

Is there a way to say, "keep checking back, not for what I write right now, but because something is bound to happen sooner or later that's worth noting!?" Who knows, but there may be a major announcement...soon! You never know!

Until then, I want to note a few things that are either happening, or are about to happen that you might find interesting:

• Lela and I are about to celebrate our 12th year anniversary! Seven of those years have been with children, four were concerned with getting to or staying in Spain and for three, we have been involved in Orange County.

• My Father-In-Law, Dan Finfrock, founder of Intensive Care Ministries, is coming out with a book very soon called "Intensive Faith." For those who have ever sat and listened to Dan's adventures, you know that his stories always leave you marvelling. I'll let you know when it comes out.

• Speaking of Dan and speaking of speaking, he will be the guest speaker at next month's Steak & Study! That news just happened yesterday and it's being reported here first! For those who want to come, who happen to be Men, mark your calendars for June 18th.

• I heartily recommend this to anyone: Pastor Alistair Begg has graciously released over a thousand sermons for free download at this site. There are few Pastors that I enjoy as much as Pastor Begg. I hope that you will soon enjoy a series or two. His prayers, often more deep and articulate that 50% of the pulpits in America, are alone worth taking notes on! Always insightful, Alistair Begg also has a hint of a Scottish accent, which is a total bonus!

• I am about to finish my third Men's Study "The Power Of One: One Man, One Life, One Mission," in about two weeks. The notes for all 24 weeks are available here. I offer them to anyone with insomnia!

• This blog was written while listening to "Tetsuo Sakurai: Gentle Hearts 2004" and waiting at Pep Boys for my brake/alignment job to be done. Not interesting, but I wanted to share anyway! This day has inspired me to see if I can't learn about a dozen things relating to vehicle repair!

• Weird things that have developed "peeve" status in my life: Atmospheric keyboards at the beginnings of songs, creating music on just one side of your headphones, going to the mailbox before the mail has come and the "suggestions" on Facebook. I'm so glad I got that out! Thank you!

• Look for a new video later this week, featuring Caleb entitled: "No Escaping Destiny!"

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez


Frank Morgan said...

i enjoy your blogs quite a bit. I can relate to a good number of them quite well. Perhaps it is the Frank in me. Keep up the good bloggin!

Frank Morgan said...

ps. the one's i say i relate to are the ones where you talk about what you've been thinking