Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The People Have Spoken - Suspicious Mexicans

Hello All,

It all began on a whim: The available staff decided to hit Chipotle for lunch. It was a Friday, and it had just been decreed by Pastor Chris, that a half day off was in order. The mood was jovial as Jono and Simone, our beloved Youth ministers, had just completed their week long camp. A celebration was definitely in order.

As we came to Chipotle, the atmosphere was chaotic and the crowd refused to disappear making the seating arrangements a bit uncomfortable. We finally all got seated and proceeded to laugh and talk, then laugh and talk some more. I will say here that there is truly no better feeling than to love your fellow co-workers in the Lord. When the staff gets along this well, it makes the work that much better. Lela and I truly love our staff and are thankful to be here at Kingsfield.

So, we finish lunch and begin to make our way back to our respective cars. On our way back to the parking lot, a car show of sorts, had begun to attract a good deal of attention. I believe that there was Lexus and that there was an opportunity to test drive one. Of course, as a Pastor, I can hardly afford to spell the word "Lexus," much less test drive one, but that did not dissuade my interest, especially when I noticed that there was a man who was wearing the exact same shirt that I was!

Of course, I pointed this out to the staff, and was immediately challenged to go and get near the guy, who also happened to be Mexican and looked somewhat similar to me. (No, we don't all look alike!!) Not being one to back down from a challenge or an opportunity to laugh with the staff (rhyme intended!), I smoothly walked over.

Now, I put myself in this guy's position. I figured that he would find it amusing, or at the least, acknowledge the oddity of the situation. Instead, I was greeted with an emotion that I could not have anticipated.

I walked up to the car (you know what kind!) and got up close to the man, who was clearly deep in admiration. I said, nonchalantly, "Nice car, huh?" He smiled and replied, "yes," simultaneously realizing that I was wearing the same shirt that he was. The smile dissipated and a very suspicious look came over him. He quickly moved away, trying to distance himself from me. I could not figure out what it was, but as I continued to close in, he continued to attempt to escape!

Now, there was a sense of intrigue. Why was this man acting this way? Could it be that he knew that I was a Pastor? Did he feel that I was going to evangelize him or assault him with tracts? I don't think so. I am not really known well here by face.

No, I suspect (hence the title "Suspicious Mexicans") that something else was going on in his mind. Being a fan of the t.v. show 24, I believe that his actions were much more indicative of a man who had something to hide. My presence, in the exact same shirt, could only mean one thing: He was about to be kidnapped! I was going to be left in his place to covertly infiltrate his gang of international gun smugglers. His movements betray a seriously nefarious mind, caught in the clever trap of the government!

Of course, one cannot seriously deduce what to attribute this attitude toward, but I can say with certainty, that the staff laughed it's guts out! The only ones that were not laughing were my kids, who did not understand what the fuss was all about! So, the staff had a laugh over that as well!

After it was all over, we belly laughed at the scenario and walked back to our cars in exhausted glee over this hilarious episode. More than anything though, it was just another special memory with my friends on this excellent staff.

Blessings...To Our Friends,
Frank Sanchez

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Patty said...

That story was worth the wait. I am laughing as I write. Let's have people chime in on why this guy was trying to get away from you. Could it be that he had a chick thing goin’ on and was fashion conscience and did not want to be seen wearing the same thing as another dude? Were you wearing that stripe shirt with plad shorts, black socks, and penny loafers again? =D

Now tell us the story about the snakes!

Jeff and Aimee: said...

Perhaps his quick retreat had nothing to do with the shirt. Maybe he caught a whiff of your "Chipotle Breath". Did you request extra onions?


Frank & Lela said...


Good theory! We are in Orange County and that kind of thinking would not be too far fetched!


I will say that Chipotle does have adverse effects upon one's breath. After the 3 taco meal with the corn salsa, I am pretty sure that my breath could peel paint.

Any other good theories?


Lenna said...

well i think Frank you are all around a suspicious character, with your glasses and I.E attire you are a walking gangster

Carrie Marie said...

i am happy that you guys love us.

Cecelia Melody said...

I absolutely love our staff.

Just so you know, I happened to be at the spectrum that day.
as I joyfully strode out of Cold Stone creamery, with their newest concoction (Charred Pistachio Bliss) firm in hand, I see this strange man running past wearing The Frank Sanchez Shirt. I glance past him and see the "24 Hour Fitness Sport" sign. Immediately I react, getting ready for the next mission. Pablo sees me and tears off his Frank Sanchez disguise, only to reveal a black/ neon green spandex, bike riding outfit... oh no! It couldn't be... he was going for... The Cree. The adrenaline pumped me up and I did two double backflips, landing smoothly in an empty stroller (whose usual rider was getting soaked by stone turtles)I managed to not spill a drop of the Charred Pistachio Bliss, a miracle in itself! He notices my absence.. I see him dart into the 24 Hour Fitness Sport. OH NO! he will blend too much!
Last chance. Before I could react completely, a blur speeds by my peripherals. A huge Thing tackles him to the ground. As I get closer, I see its a security guard from Nordstrom.. The Kingsfield Copycat was finally put into shackles. Later they found that he was smuggling silver sharpies and designer jeans from the churches secret lair and putting chewed gum underneath all the chairs. Thank Jesus this man was captured, things could have gotten ugly.