Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Last Entry From Spain

Hello All,

What a surreal dream we are living right now. It's really an amazing thing to experience. Today, Carlos and I finalized all that was left to handle regarding our business here in Spain. As we did so, we said goodbye to the banker, the bar owners, and the various friends who have made up the cast of this little drama over the last year. It finally hit me at the bank how sad this is. Before me was the printout of the beginning of our account, the day it began. I remember it was a hot day and I sat in that bank with Carlos, Johnny Love and my Father-in-Law Dan Finfrock. We opened an account with Carlos' neighbor, who spoke so fast it shocked me! Today, it was a cool, almost cold morning and it was just me and Carlos. After a year of being here, I understand how to listen and I understood most of what he said. I stood to say goodbye and it was a difficult moment.

Today, it will only get more difficult as the Avila family will be dropping by, as well as Maria and her son Juan. Of course, we will spend a little more time with the Casco family. I fully intend to be strong, but I am afraid that my intentions may not be sufficient. We are sad to leave such wonderful people...

And yet, there is hope. Always there is hope in Christ. Whatever, wherever, with whomever we partner next, we feel a sense of optimism and excitement about these next few years. We know that while we cannot be here in Spain physically, we will be here in spirit and we intend to continue to contribute in any way that we can. There are already plans in the making for a few technical support phone calls when I return. I will do all I can to help this ministry here in Spain, that much is sure. From whatever place the Lord intends us to be, we desire to be fruitful in His hands and useful in His kingdom, but always with an eye toward this country of Spain.

With that in mind, we ask for your prayers. Prayers for direction, provision and vision would be appreciated over the next several weeks and months. It's odd because we left knowing where and what we would do when we left California. We never thought about having to return so soon, so prayers are most appropriate right now.

Of a more immediate concern is our travel plans over the next 72 hours. We leave Jerez around 10PM California time, Tuesday evening. We arrive there, Lord willing, around 7PM California time, Wednesday evening! In between time, there are layovers in Madrid and Chicago and likely very poor Airline food over the Atlantic! Oh, did I mention we are bringing the kids with us!? Yeah, pray for that as well!!

When I get back to California, I will put up a "We Made It" entry, but I will try to begin to process my final thoughts about this chapter in our lives next week. After that, we will see what progresses with regard to the future of this website. And then after that, I will do my best to get a Spain Chain email out. If you are not part of the Chain and you wish to be, please email me at lelafrank@aol.com and I will get you added before the next edition.

Finally, thank you all for your prayers, your support and your love which has been palatably felt by us here in this land. We can never repay you, nor express our thanks enough for the emails, the cards, and even the comments on the blog. You have made this experience a joy for each of us. Thank you.

See you soon!!

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez


Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

our prayers are with you

Verhoeven5 said...

we are praying too!

Anonymous said...

richie and i will be praying as we lay ourselves down to sleep, we always pray for you guys.