Thursday, March 09, 2006

What Happens Now?

Hello All.

I have had many inquiries regarding the next step in this visa process. I want to attempt to answer that question without taking away the necessary intrigue. If the rapture happens anytime between now and anytime over the next 6 months, then all bets are off!! LORD COME QUICKLY!! :)

Barring the sudden joyous heavenly relocation, here's how it looks as we stand here on March 9th 2006:

April 5-10 - Miracle of miracles, we receive a call from the Spanish Consulate telling us that not only have we been accepted, but that we now hold the record for quickest visa response in Spain's History!!!

April 11th - We return to Jerez. We return as tourists, which means we have three months to hang with the church, continue to make contacts, and learn how to live among the people.

** If our visas are approved and ready anytime during that 3 month period, then we must respond and pick them up within a month of the initial notification. The good news is that I can travel alone and pick them up. The bad news, otherwise known as the not-so-good-news, is that Lela and kids will still have to travel outside the EU to validate their visas. But a 4 or 5 hour trip is preferred to a 20 plus hour trip!! AND, it will not be as expensive!

July 11th - We return to the states for another period of waiting, at least two months, as September will be the 6 month mark.

Lord willing we will be granted acceptance by September. If we are denied, which of course is a possibility, at that time, we will reassess how we might re-enter the country and through what possible agency.

Of course, the rapture could happen!

Blessings To The Friends Of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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