Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Welcome To All The Spain Chain!

Hello All!

Thanks for taking the time out to check out our site. Usually, I will put up breaking news, share a devotional thought or talk a bit about some of the people we are meeting as we wait to return to Jerez. As you have learned through the Spain Chain Email, we are returning to Jerez on April 11th. We cannot wait! It has been great being home near family, and we have definitely taken advantage of being near them, but we know in our hearts where we belong. We miss our church family greatly and look forward to being with them again.

It is definitely a special function of the love of God to expand the family feel to such incredible proportions in such a short time. When we left California on September 26th, we felt sadness that we had to leave our dearest friends and our wonderful church. We had no idea that we could possibly feel the same bittersweet feeling as we left Jerez on December 22nd. God's love is so incredible and we are priviledged to enjoy so much of it.

In the meantime, we have been meeting such great mission minded people since we have been back. People who are truly desiring to partner in this fantastic enterprise of bringing the gospel to the nations. People who may not be able to go, but are happy to enter in through prayer and financial support. Again, a true blessing.

Well, I must be going now, as dinner is about ready. I ask you to pray, as we draw very close to being able to turn in our visa application package. The 6 week mark hits on the 26th. The fingerprints could be delayed another 2 weeks at least, but we are very hopeful for the 26th. And also, please be in prayer as I share this coming weekend with Calvary Laguna's High School group in Valyermo with my friend Chris Norman and then on Sunday at Calvary Chapel Of Upland's High School Group, with mi hermano, Eric Flores. Pray that I would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and teach with passion!

Blessings to the Friends of Spain,
Frank Sanchez

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Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

sounds awesome guys.. waiting.. God has His timing and purpose.. we know what that's like.. thanks for the update.. we'll keep you in prayer