Monday, January 30, 2006

About The Mission

Our Vision:
o For Calvario De Jerez to establish a good reputation in the community of Jerez De La Frontera. Through extended personal contact and signs of friendship, we hope to win the trust of our Spanish neighbors. (Matthew 5:13-16, Psalm 37:3)
o For the church in Jerez to continue to be grown in the grace of and love for Christ, leading naturally to a ministry vision for their community. Our hope is to hold up Pastor Carlos Casco as he leads the flock in this vision. (Ephesians 2:10)
o For our family to continue to build relationships and garner friendships among musicians, neighbors, and local students. (Galatians 6:10)
o For our family to continue to respond to the Great Commission of Christ, wanting every relationship within the community to lead to a loving, personal encounter with Jesus the Savior of Spain. (Matthew 28:18-20)
o For our presence in Spain to be a unifying factor with the various Calvary Chapel outreaches and likeminded church organizations which we are personally involved with. Our desire is to see loving fellowship become standard among those who are ministering to the Spanish people, and that fellowship might in turn attract and be welcoming to brothers and sisters from other denominations who are earnest in their desire to reach Spain with the love of Christ. (Psalm 133:1, Ephesians 4:1-3, 11-14, I Corinthians 12:25,26, John 17:20-23)

1) How did the call to Spain develop in your family's life? Our call came through very ordinary means. In the early years of our marriage, God put Spain on our hearts. We did not know anything about Spain, nor did we know anyone in Spain. We just started to pray for the works there, and that God would bless the nation of Spain. Some time later, it became necessary for us to move from our house and God spoke to our hearts that this would be the beginning of a greater move than just around the block. We went to visit our Senior Pastor and asked him for his counsel with regard to the future. During that conversation, he asked us if we had ever prayed for a place and Spain was the only place that fit that category. From there, we begun to investigate and call and search where God might have us fit in. We discovered that there were only a few Calvary Chapel type works in Spain, so it was easy to start the ball rolling.

2) What are your spiritual impressions of Spain, having lived there for 3 months? Based on the encounters that we have had, we have been able to understand that the Spanish people are indeed hungry for things of God. When we have personally talked with friends about the gospel, there is an interest, and even an expression of wanting to embrace what we have shared. But there is a strong religious influence, which keeps the Spaniards we have talked with from leaving their traditions and religion, and walking forward with Christ in a personal dedication of faith. The society is replete with an air of religion, but an emptiness of personal, practical experience and obedience to the gospel. This is keenly felt among the teens who are expressing anger at the emptiness they feel. As a result many are convinced atheists.

3) What do you hope to see accomplished in Spain over the next several years? I would love God to pour out His Spirit in a great wave over the Spanish people, that they might embrace Christ and know the joy of His Salvation. I would love to see God loving, Bible teaching, Spirit led fellowships spring up all over Spain. I would love to see those fellowships so love Jesus that they would take up the mission call and go forth in power to every corner of the earth. I would love to see a Calvary Chapel Bible College extension campus in Spain. I want God to do all that God wants to do and I want to participate along with my family on site!

4) What are you and your family doing right now? Our family is currently completing a visa package which will allow us to be in Spain for a long tenure of service. This is a time consuming process. Lord willing, we will be able to turn in our visa package in February, providing our fingerprints are handled expeditiously. It takes 3 to 6 months from the time that the visa package is delivered to the Spanish Consulate to be processed. And there is no guarantee that a visa will be granted at that time. We are believing that if God wants us to be in Spain, that all the appropriate doors will be opened for us.

5) If you are granted the appropriate visa, when will you return to Spain? If not, what happens next? If we get our visas we will return at the earliest possible time, which looks to be April or May 2006. The latest possible time may be around August or September. If we do not get our visas, then we will attempt a few different routes of entry into the country. We will knock on every door available to us legally to re-enter Spain and continue the work that we have begun.

6) How can people contact you while you are home? For the time being, I am spending most of my mornings working in the Intensive Care Ministry office, ironically in the old Calvary Chapel of Redlands building, next door to my old office! The number there is (909)798o0451. Our email address is also very reliable:

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